“You Time” by Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery is a successful professional musician – a line of work that we already know, by covering the tracks of so many other artists on the subject, requires one to be away from home quite a lot. 

And it just so happens that Scotty’s wife, Gabi, is in a profession that has a similar attribute, that of a nurse. So they don’t get to spend quality time with each other that often. And it is that reality that inspired Scotty to come out with this song, i.e. his desire to make the most of the time they do have together.

But as presented in the lyrics, the emphasis is more squarely on the vocalist’s job and the fact that it requires him to spend “six days a week” traversing the country. Other disadvantages are that he works a lot and isn’t entitled to “much sleep”. But at the same time, he ‘loves’ his work. So obviously, the thought of actually quitting hasn’t crossed his mind.

Meanwhile, as far as his significant other goes, she’s the type of person that everybody likes to be around. So even that one day of the week the vocalist is allotted to be with her, it’s like he has to compete for her time. But beyond that, the chorus centers on what he intends to do with her once he is granted this opportunity. That would include some wine and a lot of kissing. Or stated otherwise, he is looking forward to being intimate with her, i.e. engaging in the type of togetherness that only being alone can afford.

Scotty McCreery, "You Time" Lyrics

Facts about “You Time”

Two of the producers of this track, Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers, also wrote it with Scotty. And the other producer is Derek Wells.

Triple Tigers issued this song as the lead single from Scotty McCreery’s LP Same Truck on 23 September 2020.

The name of the director of this song’s music video, which features Scotty’s wife Gabi McCreery, is Brianna Fish.

Perhaps the reason this song served as the lead single from Same Truck is because it was one of the first written for the album.

The first time Scotty McCreery performed this song live was on 4 September 2020, at a venue in Nashville that was his first performance since the full onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed being that the disease was very much active at the time, he even practiced appropriate procedures during said concert.

You Time

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