“The Waiter” by Scotty McCreery

It is easy to presume going into the piece, including based on how the first verse comes off, that this is a love song. But as the title suggests, it really and truly is a tribute to a waiter the vocalist knows. 

He never identifies this individual by name but does reveal some of the characteristics that define “the waiter”. And as the story is told, he is someone who other people in the ‘hood deem as having a couple of screws loose. However, the reason Scotty appreciates the subject is due to his dedication to the job.

In fact, “the waiter” has apparently never missed a day of work “since 1959”, which is in fact an impressive record. But more to the point is that as a result, he has played a constant role in the singer’s personal history. That is to say that, by the looks of things this establishment where he works is one that Scotty has taken all of his romantic interests, i.e. dates throughout the years. And in every instance they have been served by this same waiter who is not only ever-present but also unfailingly punctual and kind, interacting with the vocalist and his date(s).

The song also goes on to infer that there is a particular reason why the mind of this individual is troubled, as perceived by the people in the town. And that would seemingly be because his own significant other passed away some time in the past. So the further inference is that the reason he’s so nice to couples that show up at the establishment is because the waiter is a true romantic himself, i.e. someone who never recuperated from losing the woman he loves.

In Conclusion

And yes, the above explanation may be a bit elaborate for this lyrically terse piece. But that’s a testament of the exceptional songwriting that is featured therein, that the lyrics are theoretically weaving such an intricate tale through some very general language.

Lyrics to Scotty McCreery's "The Waiter"

Facts about “The Waiter”

This song is the sixth track on the playlist of “Same Truck”, the Scotty McCreery album that came out on 17 September 2021 via Triple Tigers. 

“The Waiter” was written by the vocalist in conjunction with Matthew West and Frank Rogers, the latter of whom also produced the track.

With a total length of 4 minutes and 28 seconds, this is the longest track on “Same Truck”.

Two singles were released in support of the aforenamed album. “The Waiter” wasn’t one of them. “You Time” was issued out as the album’s first single. This was followed by “Damn Strait“.

The Waiter

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