“Take One” by Kodak Black

“Take One” is a hip hop song co-written and performed by American rapper Kodak Black. In the song’s chorus (which is the heart of the song), among other things, Black raps about being under house arrest. He goes on to state that despite being on house arrest, that wouldn’t stop him from taking one. He proceeds to talk about how one of his haters keeps dissing him Instagram. However, he’s not going to take any actions for now. He would wait until the time is right. When the time is right, he would surely “get him”.

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According to many, a significant part of the lyrics are targeting American rapper 6ix9ine. But is Black really throwing shots at 6ix9ine in this song? Many an analyst believes it is.

The lines from the chorus below are allegedly rife with an abundance of evidence to support the claims that the song is targeting 6ix9ine.

Take One lyrics

FYI: The “on the ‘Gram” in the third line refers to the social networking platform Instagram. And interestingly enough, the feud between Kodak Black and 6ix9ine began proper on Instagram.

Some few weeks before “Take One” was released, an Instagram user made a comment on Black’s IG Live stating that 6ix9ine was a better rapper than Black. Black furiously told the user that none is greater than him. He then proceeded to ask the user whether he had lost his mind to make such a statement. As if that wasn’t enough, he went on to diss 6ix9ine. In his diss, he said 6ix9ine was scared to go jail. However, he (Black) isn’t. He ended his rant by telling the user to get off his IG Live with the nonsense he was talking about.

Shortly after that, 6ix9ine responded on the same platform telling Black to suck his d***.

In summation, that was how the feud between the two rappers escalated.

Alleged reference to 6ix9ine’s 2018 kidnapping

On July 22, 2018, a trio of armed kidnappers kidnapped 6ix9ine in Brooklyn. After pistol whippin him multiple times, the trio robbed him of almost a million dollars worth of jewelry and cash.

In a number of lines from verse 2 of “Take One”, Black allegedly makes reference to the aforementioned predicament 6ix9ine went through. The lyrics in question are as follows:

Lyrics of Take One



Quick Facts about “Take One”

  • Kodak Black co-penned this track with producer/songwriter Ben Billions. The latter went ahead to produce the track.
  • “Take One” was dropped on November 16, 2018.
  • This track is a single from Black’s upcoming second studio album. It arrived on the heels of the worldwide hit “Zeze”. “Zeze” is also a single from the album in question.


Has 6ix9ine responded to this track?

As of the date (11/18/2018) of the publication of this post, he hasn’t.

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