Meaning of “Zeze” by Kodak Black (ft. Travis Scott and Offset)

“Zeze” is a 2018 hip hop track by American rapper Kodak Black. The song also features fellow American rappers Travis Scott and Offset. Shortly after the song was released, there were a lot of speculations from fans and analysts alike that Kodak just might be using the song to attack fellow rapper 6ix9ine. It is noteworthy that both Kodak and 6ix9ine had exchanged shots on social media some days prior to the release of this song.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kodak Black's Zeze at

But is the track really attacking 6ix9ine? One of the reasons why it is rumored that this track attacks 6ix9ine is because it is titled in a similar fashion as a number of bit hits by 6ix9ine such as “Keke” and “Fefe”. Many are confident Kodak deliberately titled this track in a similar fashion just to take a dig at 6ix9ine and these aforementioned songs of his.

Meaning of “Zeze”

That said, it is important to take note of the fact that “Zeze” is in fact a word found in the dictionary. It is actually a stringed musical instrument that originates from West Africa. But how is this important in terms of understanding this track?

It is important because Kodak has a Haitian heritage. And since most Haitians were slaves taken from West Africa, it is also likely that Kodak is using the title of this track to pay homage to his Haitian background.

Why haven’t you uploaded the audio/video of “Zeze” here?

Since we are a family-safe site, we unfortunately can’t publish the audio here. Why? It contains very offensive language. Regarding the music video, Kodak is yet to release an official video for this song.



14 Responses

  1. Edgar Candelas says:

    Zeze is a gang hommi

  2. Tre stey says:

    Kodak is cloned. Zeze is a demonic spirit. Warning!! Take me serious it’s not a joke! Stop being ignorant and research.

  3. Danny says:

    The song has nothing to do with Haitian heritage. C’mon people ???

  4. Jose says:

    Ze means zombie on earth idk why zeze as a whole but that’s what @kodaklack said

    • Dave says:

      Maybe the researchers should hire people who actually know what these lyrics mean instead of some history major…😎

  5. Cat Brown says:

    Pull up with a demon on goy means what it sounds like, Zionist hijacking of rap music. What’s written in the lyrics, that’s camo: it’s not a Dodge Demon.

  6. Zeeman says:

    You all got it wrong…lol. Zeze is a reference to the Zoe Pound gang which is prevalent here in South Florida due to our very large Haitian population. Thats the Z sh*t is a reference to the gang and how they roll.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What kind of car is a demon

  8. Lwande victor says:

    Haitian heritage? I don’t do believe so, to me it has something to do with 6ix 9ine then.

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