Meaning of “Grandson” by Lil Durk (ft. Kodak Black)

It has been reasonably theorized, via a number of analysts (as of this writing), that the title of this song (“Grandson”) serves as a shoutout to Lil Durk’s late homey, King Von (1994-2020). And in that regard, in the chorus Durkio puts forth that he “blam something”. 

As generally understood in the world of hip-hop, “blam” is an expression used to imitate the sound of a gun. And all lyrics considered that may well be what the rapper is referring to, since Durk’s verse also focuses, at least in part, on the rapper’s tendency to roll “with some shooters”.

And so it is more or less, with Kodak Black’s verse. Or put more directly, this can be considered a gangsta rap track, the type you would expect from the two vocalists at hand, who are known to harp heavily on street violence and their roles therein. And before his verse is over, Black does indirectly verify that this piece is in tribute to King Von, who ironically was shot dead himself but also reputedly killed quite a few people before being taken off the mortal plane.

“Lamb’ truck, hoppin’ out with thirty chains on and my dreads stuck
Lamb’ truck, free Rio from the land, they got him jammed up
Blam somethin’, got me feelin’ like I’m Grandson
Blam somethin’, got me feelin’ like I’m—”

The Team behind “Grandson”

Besides Durk and Black, the producers of “Grandson”, Zaytoven and Metro Boomin, are also credited as its authors. 

The labels that put this track out are Alamo Records and Only the Family, and they did so as part of Durkio’s album “Almost Healed” on 26 May 2023. 

Also to note, the two rappers have teamed up twice before, first on Durk’s 2018 track “Benihana” and later on Black’s 2022 song “Take You Back”.


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