Taylor Swift – Our Song

Like several other songs, Taylor often associates her romance stories with scars, except that in “Our Song”, the relationship is not problematic. She paints a fairy tale picture of a typical high school love story that is missing only one thing: a couple song.

The singer is concerned about she and her lover finding their own relationship song because she wants them to also bond musically, in addition to them sharing other intimate connections. She captures some of these moments which include the following:

  • Driving around town while he recklessly steers with one-hand
  • Sneaking out together late at night
  • Their first date or talking on the phone slowly
  • Discreetly in the wee hours of the night

She is satisfied with the memorable events they share together; however, Taylor sees that a relationship song that talks about them could benefit their bond better.

The song revolves around all the special moments the singer and her boyfriend have shared together, including how he made her feel better with a bed of roses on one of her worst days. In the bridge, the artist stresses on how much she has listened to several songs on radio, trying to figure out which one fits them best, but could find none. In the end, she states the obvious; she had to write one for them herself since no one could ever tell their story the way she did in “Our Song”.

Lyrics of “Our Song”

Music Video

The director of the music video to this tune, Trey Lovejoy, has done likewise for a number of other Taylor Swift tracks.

Writing Credits for “Our Song”

This is one of three tracks on Taylor’s eponymous debut album which she wrote on her own. And the producer of the song is Nathan Chapman.

According to Taylor, she wrote this particular song during her freshman year for a talent show in high school. She adds that she never expected it to be included on an album because at the time of writing she was looking for a song that many of her mates could relate to. This is why she chose to simply use the events that ensued in her relationship at the time to write a song.

Taylor also told Fanpop that the song is one of many that describe the effect music has on people, and was inspired by a couple who did not have a song. Although Taylor has not named the subject, rumor has it that the song is about Drew Dunlop, who she was dating at that particular time in high school.

Release Date

Taylor’s management issued the track as the third single from the above mentioned project on September 9, 2007. The album in question produced five singles, including this one. The other four singles from the album are:

Success of “Our Song”

This song was a big hit in Canada, where it topped Billboard’s Canada Country chart.  It also appearance on South Korea International Singles. But where it really caught on is in Taylor’s Swift home country of the United States. For example, it topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and also broke the top 20 of the Hot 100. Additionally it has been certified quadruple-Platinum in the US. And when it did top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, Taylor Swift set a record for being the youngest person ever to write as well as recite a track that topped that list.

Moreover in 2008 it won Taylor a BMI Award, and its aforementioned music video took home two CMT Music Awards. It won the CMT awards in the below categories:

  • Female Video of the Year 
  • Video of the Year

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