“Tell Me It’s Over” by Avril Lavigne

“Tell Me It’s Over” is a soul ballad performed by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne. This song sees Lavigne mournthe demise of a relationship with her beau. From the lyrics, it’s apparent one of the major causes of the demise of the relationship is due to her beau not treating her well.

But despite the ill treatment she received from him, Lavigne finds herself struggling with the aftermath of the break-up. She finds it difficult believing that the relationship has finally come to an end. The whole thing doesn’t appear real to her. Is this a dream? Is this real? She wonders.

And in order to be sure that what’s happening is truly real,she tells her ex to do something for her. She wants him to look into her eyes and tell her the relationship is over if it’s really over. Only then would she the closure she appears to be desperately looking for.

Avril Lavigne on “Tell Me It’s Over”

Shortly after the song was released, Lavigne revealed that the song’s lyrics as well as the vocals are inspired by real events in her life. She described the song as one which is about “being strong” and having the courage to finally say no to a bad relationship.

According to Lavigne, the song’s inspiration came from a bunch of her favorite iconic female singers. She mentioned the likes of Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Ella Fitzegerald and Billie Holiday as inspirations behind this ballad. According to her, these iconic singers not only “represent women who stand up for women” but also refuse to swallow any “bulls**t” from any man.

These are the exact words used by Lavigne regarding the inspiration behind “Tell Me It’s Over”:

Avril Lavigne's "Tell Me It's Over"
This video was directed by Erica Silverman.

Facts about “Tell Me It’s Over”

  • This ballad was written by Lavigne and four others, including Johan Carlsson and Ryan Cabrera. The other two are Melissa Bel and Justin Gray.
  • Aside from co-writing “Tell Me It’s Over”, Johan Carlsson also produced it.
  • On December 12, 2018, BMG (Lavigne’s label) officially released this soul ballad as a single. It is actually the second single from her sixth studio album Head Above Water. The song was officially Lavigne’s second single for 2018. Her first for that year was “Head Above Water“. Both singles come from the same album. The song “Dumb Blonde” also appears on that album.
  • This ballad consists of 3 choruses, 2pre-choruses and 2 verses and a bridge.

What genre of music is Avril Lavigne’s “Tell Me It’s Over”?

It belongs to the popular soul music genre.

Is this the first time that Lavigne is working with Johan Carlsson?

Yes, it’s Lavigne’s first ever collaboration with Johan Carlsson. FYI: Carlsson is known for his membership of the band Carolina Liar. Additionally, he is also renowned for his collaborations with the likes of Ariana Grande, One Direction, Little Mix and Flo Rida.

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