“When You’re Gone” by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone” paints a picture of the varying emotions people often go through when they are either abandoned or separated from the person they love.

In the first verse, the narrator doesn’t fully realize the pain of her lover’s separation until after some time when she feels alone. She then admits in the subsequent verses that she is going to miss the moments they shared together, especially now that he is gone.

She also appears to be new at this feeling and struggles to cope with the situation. Her desperation increases as she is constantly reminded of this person due to some of the things he has left behind.

Avril Lavigne talks about “When You’re Gone”

Speaking to PopMatters, Avril revealed that the inspiration for the song came from the concept of having to leave someone that you love and all the things you miss when with them. She further explained the concept of the song’s video which includes the following touching scenes:

  • A pregnant wife who watches as her husband leaves for war
  • An old man whose wife dies
  • A teenage couple who have to end their relationship because they are not allowed to be together.

Did Avril Lavigne write “When You’re Gone”?

Yes. Avril composed this song with another songwriter named Butch Walker, who also ended up producing it.

Release Date

In 2007, Lavigne released this pop-rock tune as a single from her “The Best Damn Thing” album.

Commercial Success

This is one of Lavigne’s most successful singles. It was a top 10 hit for Lavigne in various countries, including Australia, Sweden and Canada. In the United Kingdom, it entered the top 5 section on the UK Singles chart, eventually peaking at 3. It also enjoyed big success in America, entering a number of singles charts, including the famous Hot 100 (where it managed to reach a peak position of 24).

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