“The BLACK seminole.” by Lil Yachty

The term Black Seminole, as commonly understood, refers to Black people in the United States who back during the days of slavery who opted to team up with the Seminoles, a group of Native Americans found primarily in Florida, against the Whiteman. 

That noted, on the surface it is not abundantly clear why Lil Yachty opted to name this song so. There are a couple of lines where he goes about apparently designating himself “the Black Seminole”, apparently in the name of alluding to his revolutionary or warlike spirit – or something to that effect. But the lyrics do not directly harp upon such a topic.

Instead, in the first verse he’s seemingly addressing someone who is suffering from depression. And that same individual may also be the subject of the second verse, i.e. “the kid” who “is now a man”.  It may also be that said individual is actually Lil Yachty himself, i.e. the vocalist referring to his own life’s path, though from a third-person perspective. Even in that regard, it isn’t clear exactly what Boat is trying to put forth. But the general sentiment is along the lines of him having struggled to make it in life in this cold, cruel world.

Take Note

This song is actually classified in the rock genre, not rap, as Like Yachty is known for. And the reason that should be pointed out is because if it were a rap, then chances are The Black Seminole would be a lot wordier and specific than what we are met with here.

But that said, it is up to the listener to connect the dots and try to make comprehensive sense out of all that’s being relayed. And comprehensively, it appears that the vocalist is comparing himself to a Black Seminole to insinuate that he too is a warrior in life, in a manner of speaking.

"the BLACK seminole." Lyrics

Release Date “The BLACK seminole.”

Lil Yachty is a primarily hip-hop artist from Atlanta who made some notable waves back during the late 2010s. His last studio album, “Lil Boat 3” (2020), didn’t fare particularly well as compared to some of his earlier joints. 

So that may be what compelled Lil Boat, as he is also called, to follow the psychedelic rock route with “Let’s Start Here”, his fifth studio LP, which was released through Motown, Capitol and Quality Control on 27 January 2023. And to note, this is the lead track on that project’s playlist.


Yachty is credited as both a writer and producer of this song, as are the following:

  • Jacob Portrait
  • Sad Pony
  • Patrick Wimberly
  • Justin Raisen
"the BLACK seminole."

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Yachty produced Black Seminole. I think it was produced, created, mixed, and all instruments by RYDERONCRACK. Vocals ONLY by Yachty…

    • SMF says:

      Thanks for drawing our attention to that. But do you have any credible sources to support that? If you do, please share it with us. Thanks.

  2. Jake says:

    “I’m curious to know this: what genre of music is “​the BLACK seminole.”? “

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s Pink Floyd’s Breathe right? You can hear the chorus at .59. And the guitar solo is sampled too.

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