“The ride-” by Lil Yachty (ft. Teezo Touchdown)

It would appear that the addressee on “The ride-” would be akin to Lil Yachty’s girlfriend. And “the ride” that is referred to, theoretically, is not a car, as such slang is commonly used, but rather points to a notion like their relationship, i.e. the addressing ‘riding’ with the vocalist – or something of the sort.

This song is not necessarily the easiest to understand, since it relies heavily on inference. But when Lil Yachty tells the addressee “don’t ask no questions on the ride”, that seems to be his way of saying that she should have faith in where he’s taking their relationship. The first verse also seemingly harps on such a topic, i.e. Teezo likewise trying to make his lady more comfortable in terms of trusting and ‘busting it open for him’.

Then, as for the more obscure second verse, what Teezo Touchdown appears to be putting forth is life being devoid of joy without that special someone, i.e. the addressee. So even though this piece may read as if it lacks general direction, it is fundamentally a love song. And perhaps the easiest way of explaining it is as the parts which are not speaking directly to the vocalist’s girlfriend are rather focused on how his life is less-than-ideal without her.

Lyrics to Lil Yachty's "The ride-"

Release of “The ride-“

This song is the second on the playlist of “Let’s Start Here”, the Lil Yachty album – supported by Capitol Records, Motown Records and Quality Control Music – which officially went for sale on 27 January 2023. 

To note, the main vocalist is a hip-hop artist who has been industry active since the mid-2010s. And that was around the same time his collaborator on this track – Teezo Touchdown, who hails from Texas – came out. “The Ride” marks the first time they have teamed up in song.

“The ride-”

Concerning the unorthodox official spelling of this song, such is a stylistic choice that has been utilized throughout “Let’s Start Here”, i.e. capitalization and punctuation of the tracks’ titles appearing to be randomized.


The production and writing team behind this song consists of Yachty, Patrick Wimberly, Jam City, Sad Pony and Justin Raisen. And as far as authorship is concerned, Teezo Touchdown and Miles Robinson are also credited as writers.

The ride-

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