“Poland” by Lil Yachty

All lyrics considered, what Lil Yachty’s “Poland” primarily serves as is an ode to lean. Anyone who knows lean knows it is a highly-intoxicating drink which uses dangerous quantities of cough syrup as one of its main ingredients.

As such, when Yachty puts forth that he “took the Wock to Poland”, it has been ascertained that what he is referring to is a company called Wockhardt, which by the way is based in India. The company in question does in fact manufacture cough syrup. 

So the line which makes up the chorus would read, in full, something like ‘I took the Wockhardt (Promethazine with Codeine Purple Cough Syrup) to Poland’.

Why the Country Poland?

But as to why the rapper decided to specify the country of Poland on this piece, that remains a mystery.

It does seem that Yachty may have toured Europe awhile back, though for whatever reason, actual information on said trip appears nonexistent. But he even goes as far as to highlight Poland, as it sits on the European map, on the cover art to this song.


Beyond that, we also have the vocalist referring to his “baby girl”, “demons” and what have you, though only sparsely. It has also been put forth that as far as this song’s only actual verse, what Yachty is speaking to, in part, is his addiction to lean. 

Some analysts have also suggested that this entire terse narrative is set in Poland, which may be the case, though that’s never really specified lyrically. 

But what is more apparent is that getting too caught up in this song’s meaning isn’t the intent, as the repetitiveness and sparsity of the lyrics would indicate it was designed more along the lines of compelling listeners to bounce.

Lyrics to Lil Yachty's "Poland"

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is a rapper who was involved in quite a few hits during the late 2010s. That hasn’t necessarily translated into his own albums proving successful, as for instance his most-recent LP, 2020’s “Lil Boat 3”, has thus far failed to earn any certifications. 

But he is still considered a pertinent member of the hip-hop community and as such has notably ventured into other business endeavors, such as launching a nail polish line in 2021. But that said, prior to releasing the song “Poland”, Yachty revealed that he will soon get around to dropping another studio album, which will be his fourth.

Release Date of “Poland”

“Poland” has an official release date of 4th October, 2022.

Credits for “Poland”

Yachty wrote this track with its producers:

  • Lucian
  • Lukrative
  • F1lthy

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