“The Lighthouse Keeper” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s “The Lighthouse Keeper” is being marketed as a Christmas song. But the holiday is only mentioned once in the lyrics. Rather, the wording is based primarily on a sentiment of the singer joyfully welcoming back the addressee. This individual would apparently be a loved one who has set forth for some undetermined destination and has apparently been away for some time. So when the singer proclaims that he is this person’s “lighthouse keeper”, that is not only an expression of his desire to welcome them back but also to guide them home, so to speak, where his love awaits.

And Smith was especially inspired by the year 2020 to place the song in a Yuletide setting. Or as he seemingly puts it, many people are especially looking forward to the holidays this year due to forcibly being separated from each other during the pandemic.

This track was produced and co-written by Labrinth, a notable musician in his own right. And Smith himself served as the other co-writer.

“The Lighthouse Keeper” was released by Capitol Records on the date of 20 November 2020. And they did so without any type of promotion whatsoever.

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  1. Jon S. says:

    Sam Smith uses they/them pronouns. Please fix this article’s misgendering of them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sam smith uses they/them pronouns

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