Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Going Bad” Lyrics Meaning

“Barbie Goin Bad” is a freestyle by Nicki Minaj released in early 2019. At times it is apparent that this track is indeed a freestyle due to the brazenness of some of the lyrics, with such statements often resulting from rappers going off the head and releasing lyrics unedited. Besides Nicki’s sensual exploits, the main theme of the track is her going after other rappers, specifically ones whose careers she influenced. And in that regard it has been ascertained that she references Drake and Meek Mill. And interestingly enough, her impact on their lives goes beyond the norm as she has also dated both.

In fact she even implies that their recent well-publicized beef with each other has been squashed since now she is no longer dealing with either one of them. She also mentions that she had Meek’s back during his recurring legal woes. But more noticeable than any of the above, Nicki modifies lyrics previously spat by Drake on his and Meek’s own version of “Going Bad” to reflect the fact that she has more Billboard Hot 100 hits than any female in history, as she took this crown from Aretha Franklin in 2017.

Barbie Goin Bad Lyrics

It’s important to mention that at the start of the track, Nicki gives a shoutout to her current boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, who recently got her name tattooed on his neck. Then she goes on to give various details about her intimate life, presumably with Petty, although her partner is never specified. As a matter of fact, she never even mentions Petty by name. Interestingly, she seemingly refers to her partner(s) as “my babies”. And amongst the very intimate exploits she mentions is always being on-call to “satisfy” her man.

The track ends with Nicki going on a self-congratulatory, sensually-explicit rant where she also gives a shoutout to all of her fellow bad girls as well as her hometown of Jamaica, Queens.

Facts about “Barbie Goin Bad”

  • Writer(s): The lyrics of “Barbie Goin Bad” were penned by Nicki Minaj.
  • Song’s Release Date: February 2, 2019 was the release date of this track.
  • Producer(s): American music producers Westen Weiss of The Wrecks and Wheezy receive production credits on this track.
  • Interesting Stuff #1: This track is a freestyle as well as a remix of the 2018 song “Going Bad” by Meek Mill and Drake.
  • Interesting Stuff #2: Minaj unveiled the song to the world on her famous radio program on Apple Music Beats called Queen Radio. She released this track along with another freestyle/remix “Barbie Drip” on the same day and on the same radio show.
  • Interesting Stuff #3: The song’s title “Barbie Goin Bad” isn’t found anywhere in the lyrics. However, the phrase “going bad” does appear. It appears only once.

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