“Under the Sun” by Dreamville (ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute)

“Under the Sun” is a track which garnered headlines more due to it being the first collaboration between DaBaby and Dreamville than for its innovation. In other words, we are already aware that the rappers, especially J. Cole and DaBaby, can spit rhymes. But we also know that this track is bound to cover the standard hip-hop themes of the featured rappers being paid, promiscuous and violent.

And so goes “Under the Sun”. The title is based on a well-known quote from the Book of Ecclesiastes which alludes to the idea that the world never really changes. And Cole begins the track more or less referencing this passage. But then, it quickly transforms to the rapper talking about his rowdy, gun-toting homeboys and bedroom conquests, though he does briefly give a shoutout to his family in the process.

So most listeners will walk away from this song with the intended impression of perceiving the artists as bada*ses with the wherewithal to initiate gun violence at a moment’s notice. Indeed the wealth of the rappers is but a secondary theme on this track. This is perhaps due to the fact that as of its release, Cole is the only one of them to have really blown up. But DaBaby still gives a shoutout to the “diamonds on all of (his) teeth”, though the main topic of his verse is addressing (as in threatening) fellow rappers who seem to have said something negative about him. 

Meanwhile Lute appears more concerned with repping “(his) city” and presenting it in a light consistent with famous ‘hoods in hip-hop, as in it being violent and filled with homeys who demand respect.

Under the Sun lyrics

Kendrick Lamar sings song’s hook

Pulitzer Prize winning rapper Kendrick Lamar makes a brief, uncredited appearance on the track, as he is responsible for providing the hook.


Dreamville Records in association with Interscope Records released “Under the Sun” on 5 July 2019. The song was chosen as the opening track on Revenge of the Dreamers III, a compilation album centered on Dreamville artists. The noted tracks “Costa Rica“, “Down Bad” and “LamboTruck” also appear on this project. In all, there are approximately 18 tracks on Reven of the Dreamers III.

Prior to the song’s release, DaBaby may have teased its back in February 2019 when he revealed that he and J. Cole were working on a track together.

First Collabo!

“Under the Sun” is the first time DaBaby has worked with J. Cole or Lute.

Writing and Production

The four rappers who appear on “Under the Sun” (including Kendrick Lamar) wrote this song alongside its three producers, Christo, Nice Rec and Pluss. Owing to this, the songwriting credits are as follows:

  • J. Cole
  • Lute
  • DaBaby
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Christo
  • Pluss
  • Nice Rec

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