“Walls” by Louis Tomlinson

The logical explanation for the song “Walls” would be Louis Tomlinson addressing a romantic interest, though theoretically the lyrics can also be interpreted as a soliloquy. But operating along the lines of him speaking to a significant other, the story reads as if this person has decided to, succinctly put, dump him. And the shock of this experience has manifested itself via various obstacles in the singer’s life. 

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Or stated otherwise, he likens the whole experience to having “high walls” erected in front of him, impeding the forward progression of his life’s journey. However, these “walls” failed in actually preventing him from doing so. Rather by facing them he has come out of the experience more confident, and you can say stronger than he was before. 

So looking at the situation from that perspective yes, he is expressing thanks for going through these ordeals. But at the same time he also hopes that the future brings him and the addressee back together.

Lyrics of "Walls"

Release Date of “Walls”

This is the title track from Louis Tomlinson debut solo album. Additionally on 17 January 2020 it become the fifth single released from that project. The project’s first four singles are as follows:

Louis Tomlinson’s first known teasing of this song dates back to 6 November 2019. 

And he wrote “Walls” alongside the track’s producers, Jamie Hartman, as well as the following songwriters:

  • Dave Gibson
  • Jacob Manson
  • Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame

7 Responses

  1. Victoria Nevill says:

    who is walls about?

    • Anonymous says:


      • Martha says:

        WOW. Seems like all of Tomlinson’s songs are about Harry Styles and all of Harry’s song are about Louis Tomlinson. That would not be so bad. More love. More and more love.

    • Louis Tomlinson says:

      I don’t think it’s about anyone in particular but I would say Harry Styles. The song personally is about closeting so not really about anyone.

    • Eden says:

      Honestly probably his experience in 1D because it shows them in the music video

  2. Martha J. says:

    WOW. Starting to think that all of Harry Styles’s songs and all of Louis Tomlinson’s song are about each other and wouldn’t that be OK ?! The Music Industry held these two apart and yet they are together in some way with a love like no other, no other at all.

  3. Unknown says:

    it’s about him

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