“Slow Down” by Why Don’t We

On “Slow Down”, the vocalist(s) is addressing his significant other. And as the title suggests, what he is recommending to her is that the two of them “slow down”. And the way the narrative reads isn’t that he feels that are moving too fast together but rather too fast apart. In other words, the title ultimately points to the idea of him being perturbed by the notable physical distance between him and his sweetheart. So the ‘slowing down’ he is referring is likely in regards to the pursuit of personal aspirations which are driving them apart, specifically as perpetrated by the addressee.

Why Don’t We’s members wrote this single together:

  • J. Avery
  • C. Besson
  • Z. Herron
  • J. Marais
  • D. Seavey

It was released on 17 December 2020. Fans of the band knew of its forthcoming since Why Don’t We began revealing the tracklist for the album it is featured on, “The Good Times and The Bad Ones”, in November of 2020.

This was officially the third single birthed by the project in question. It was preceded by the following (which also appear on the project):

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