“When You Left” by One Direction

The addressee of One Direction’s “When You Left” is someone who has left the singers behind. This is not necessarily in a literal sense. Rather the way the song reads, honestly, is as if at one point they were all part of a group. And the addressee decided to one day up and leave due to the “pain” he was going through. However, the singers point out that they were dealing with likewise issues. However, they also note that they stuck it through, while the addressee did not. Also since this person has left, they claim that he’s been speaking “lies” and “play(ing) the victim” concerning his departure.

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So of course people familiar with the history of One Direction are speculating that this song, whether it be authentic or not, is actually aimed at Zayn Malik, who unceremoniously and unexpectedly quit the band in 2015. And all things considered, it can be said that his departure ultimately led to One Direction, who were widely popular at the time, dissolving as a whole.

Facts about “When You Left”

The prevailing theory is that this is a fake song, as in one that doesn’t actually feature One Direction. But still two of its former members, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, are credited as its co-writers. And the other writers are the duo of John Ryan & Julian Bunetta.

And in terms of the track’s possible authenticity, it should be noted that there has been speculation that One Directions may just be having a reunion in 2020.

The official release date of “When You Left” is 31 July 2020.

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