“Fingers” by Zayn

“Fingers” is a 2018 song recorded and performed by English singer and songwriter Zayn Malik of One Direction fame.

The lyrics of “Fingers” are about a confused Zayn who finds himself attracted to a girl who’s playing hard to get. The girl doesn’t want him to know her true feelings for him and her whereabouts. He wants to send her a text message but he can’t because his “fingers ain’t working”. He wants her to show him where she’s hiding so he can be with her.

In the song’s bridge, he tells her he knows it’s taken her all her strength to conceal the feelings she has for him. He goes on to encourage her not to keep concealing those feelings. According to him, there’s “no shame in what you need”.

Facts about “Fingers”

  • Zayn Malik wrote this song along with two songwriters. They are David Anthony Phelan and Alex Oriet.
  • The song’s co-writers Oriet and Phelan handled the production. Together, Oriet and Phelan form the songwriting/production duo known as Saltwives.
  • “Fingers” was officially released on October 18, 2018.
  • This tune is made up of two verses, three choruses and a bridge.
  • “Fingers” is Zayn’s personal fifth single of 2018.

Below is the official audio of “Fingers” just for your listening pleasure. Do let us know your opinion about this 2018 track from Zayn Malik.


Did Zayn shoot a music video for this song?

“Fingers” was released without an accompanying music video. It’s highly likely an official music video of this tune would come out in the nearest future. We’ll keep you up to speed in that regard.

Have Saltwives ever collaborated with Zayn in the past?

No. This song is the first time the duo is working with Zayn Malik.

Which album is this single on?

It’s highly likely this track will appear on Zayn’s second studio album. As it stands now, no one knows for sure when that album will be released.

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