“See You Again” by Tyler, the Creator (ft. Kali Uchis)

“See You Again” is a bit more complex than it may initially appear. For instance, we know that the addressee is a romantic interest. But at certain junctures it reads as if Tyler has yet to meet this individual. While at others it reads as if this is a lover whom he has already hooked up but is on the verge of being separated from.

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Yet regardless of the premise of the situation, what it basically boils down to is that at the moment he is relegated to only imagining that he and this person are together. And it is pretty obvious that the vocalist perceives this individual as an ideal lover, which is one of the ways in which the fantasy aspect plays in. That is (based on the first verse specifically) this is someone whom he only gets the chance to interact with in his “dream state”.

Key Sentiment of the Song

So basically, the primary sentiments displayed throughout indicate that he is hoping that fate will make their paths cross. In other words, if this is a person he is simply fantasizing about, then he is hoping to actually meet him or her soon. Or if it is someone whom he doesn’t know when he will meet again, he is requesting to “get a kiss” before he has to “got to war”. That is another way of saying that something important is pulling him away, with the insinuation being that he doesn’t want to be separated in the first place.

So in a way this isn’t so much of a love song as it is one of lamentation. And why have we come to such a conclusion? Simply because the singer finds himself in a predicament where he desires romantic love yet does not have an adequate person in his life to give it to him.

Lyrics of “See You Again”

Facts about “See You Again”

This is one of the songs which, due to a number of factors, fans have speculated support the popular theory that Tyler, the Creator is gay.

Kali Uchis is featured during the choruses and the outro, basically serving the role of backing Tyler up.

Tyler, the Creator is the sole writer and producer of “See You Again”. It was originally written to be used by pop singer Zayn Malik. However, Zayn apparently turned down the opportunity. Owing to this, Tyler recorded the song himself.

“See You Again” marked the third time Tyler, the Creator had collaborated with Kali Uchis. The previous two outings, “F——- Young/Perfect” and “Find Your Winds”, were both featured on his 2015 album “Cherry Bomb”.

Columbia Records released “See You Again” as part of Tyler’s fourth album (which is titled “Flower Boy”) on 21 July 2017. And later it was re-issued as the fourth single from that project.

Which part of “See You Again” supports the belief that Tyler is gay?

To begin with, the track which precedes it on the “Flower Boy” album, which is actually an interlude, is entitled “Sometimes…”. And it concludes (i.e. segues into “See You Again”)  with a male vocalist, a fashion designer and friend of Tyler’s by the name of Wyatt Navarro, telling a DJ that the ‘song he wants to hear’ next is “the one about (himself)”. And “Sometimes…” also begins with Tyler saying “sometimes I sit in my room and think about us”.  Moreover fans have speculated that the “rose-tinted cheeks” which Tyler ascribes to the addressee of “See You Again” is actually a reference to Wyatt, whose cheeks honestly are a bit reddish. So accordingly rumors have swirled that Tyler, the Creator and Wyatt Navarro are or were lovers.

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