“Wishful Drinking” by Ingrid Andress & Sam Hunt

The easiest way to describe “Wishful Drinking”, at least initially, is as being something along the lines of one of those songs in which the vocalist has decided to mitigate a broken heart via the liberal intake of alcohol. 

But actually, alcohol-related allegories or what have you read like a recurring theme throughout the lyrics. And as for Sam’s verse for instance, he doesn’t come off as someone who’s boozing to forget. Instead, “every sip” he takes seems to be imbuing him with greater hope that maybe his relationship with Ingrid “ain’t really over”.

And that would apparently be what the vocalists are alluding to when they put forth that they are engaging in “wishful drinking”. 

It can be said that the lyrics of this piece aren’t necessarily the easiest to make coherent sense of. But what is obvious is that neither of the vocalists want their romantic relationship to end permanently. Apparently, at least as far as the male is concerned, that feeling is strengthened via inebriation.

And that’s how the story ends, as a cliffhanger, if you will, as in it never being revealed if they do get back together.  So for the time being, feeling hurt and confused as to why their romance ended is something that they must contend with.

Lyrics to "Wishful Drinking"

Release of “Wishful Drinking”

“Wishful Drinking”, which Atlantic records and Warner Music Nashville made public on 2 August 2021, served as the lead single to “Good Person”, Ingrid Andress’s second LP. 

Is this Ingrid’s first Collaboration with Sam?

Yes. This marks Ingrid’s first collaboration with Sam Hunt, who also has two studio albums to date though has been in the music industry notably longer, as indicative of him being six years older than Ingrid.

According to Ingrid, she had always dreamed of an opportunity to work collaborate with Hunt because she’s a huge fan of his. This collaboration was therefore a dream come true.

Wishful Drinking

More “Wishful Drinking” Facts

This track proceeded to peak at number 6 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, and it has also gone gold in the US and Canada.

Ingrid Andress had a hand in both writing and producing this track. In the former she worked with Jordan Schmidt. She achieved the latter task alongside:

  • JP Saxe
  • Jonny Price
  • Rykeyz

The first live performance of “Wishful Drinking” was on the 17 January 2022 edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Sam Siske was employed to direct the official music video to this song.

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