Lewis Capaldi’s “Wish You the Best” Lyrics Meaning

“Wish You The Best” was officially made public on 14 April 2023 as the fourth single from “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent”. That is actually officially the second studio album of Lewis Capaldi’s career. The project was backed by the following record labels:

  • Capitol Records
  • Universal Music Group
  • Vertigo Records 

This particular song was both written and produced by Capaldi. 

In that latter regard he worked alongside the musical trio known as TMS, and the other co-writers of “Wish You the Best” are Malay and JP Saxe.

A Very Personal Capaldi Outing

It stands to reason that Lewis was so intimately involved in “Wish You the Best”, which he described as being “incredibly special to” him also being “probably the saddest song (he’s) ever written”. That is to say that the singer based this outing on an emotional personal experience.

Capaldi is a certified music star but apparently not the type to use that advantage in the name of living a playa lifestyle. Or put otherwise, he has a relatively terse dating history, thus connoting that he’s more of the serious type.

Lewis’s first serious girlfriend, according to the internet, is a lesser-known musician by the name of Paige Turley. It has also been speculated that their relationship marks his most-notable romance to date.  And Lewis confessed that that this song is in fact about that relationship or more specifically how he felt upon it dissolving.

The Lyrics of “Wish You the Best”

So what it boils down to, as far as the thesis sentiment goes, is the vocalist ‘wishing’ his ex “the best” alright, but in doing so it’s as if his mouth is betraying his heart. In other words, he didn’t really want their relationship to devolve into the friend zone. 

Indeed, with these sentiments being relayed apparently sometime after the fact, it’s obvious that he’s still in love. And that leads to Lewis grieving even more, since as he remains in his feelings, the other party has rather moved on to what appears to be a “happier” romance.

But to reiterate, these lyrics express what Capaldi felt circa the time he broke up with Paige. In hindsight, he is able to admit that even though at the time he took the cool, mature route, in actuality he was falling apart internally and didn’t want her to go. But to note, he has since moved on and is currently dating an actress by the name of Ellie MacDowall.

Also, as made evident by the nature of this track’s music video (as directed by Phil Beastall), Lewis idealizes this piece as possessing more of a general applicability than just relating to romance (even though he refers to the addressee as darling). Or as he also explained, it is meant to speak to how we often don’t express our true feelings to the ones we love, “whether that be in a relationship or a friendship”.

“But, oh, my love
I wanna say, ‘I miss the green in your eyes’
And when I said we could be friends, guess I lied
I wanna say, ‘I wish that you never left’
Oh, but instead, I only wish you the best
I wanna say, ‘Without you, everything’s wrong’
And you were everything I need all along
I wanna say, ‘I wish that you never left’
Oh, but instead, I only wish you the best”

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Wish You The Best

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