“Hard to Forget” by Sam Hunt

On “Hard to Forget”, Sam Hunt portrays the role of the individual who is having a difficult time getting over his ex-girlfriend. The implication is that they broke up recently,  and to make a long story short, everywhere he goes he tends to see something which reminds him of her. However, in some cases, such as ‘seeing her face in the clouds’, it is clearly a figment of his imagination. Moreover his consumption of alcohol can be said to be the secondary theme of this track. As such it has been concluded that the reason he is finding this lady “hard to forget” is because he lacks the ability to move on from their relationship.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Sam Hunt's Hard to Forget at Lyrics.org.

Quick Facts about “Hard to Forget”

It was released in early 2020 as the fourth single from Sam’s sophomore album, which is entitled “Southside”. This album also features Sam’s smash hit single “Body Like a Back Road“.

Sam penned this song with several writers (approximately 7 writers). Below is the song’s full list of credited writers:

  • S. Hunt
  • A. Gorley
  • J. Osborne
  • L. Laird
  • M.J. Shurtz
  • S. McAnally
  • R. Hull

This song samples a 1953 Webb Pierce track entitled “There Stands the Glass”. By virtue of this, the writers of the song in question also appear in the list of writers above.

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