“20/20” by Lil Tjay

As insinuated by the title (“20/20”), which refers to an individual having perfect vision, the overall theme of this song, as presented in the first verse, is supposed to be akin to the rapper looking back at his life

And as we can see he has now made it, though becoming a renowned musician isn’t as joyful how he pictured it would be. But overall the track is very much set in the present. And perhaps its most-recurrent subject matter is Lil Tjay’s response to opps. And in that regard, he has two answers. As far as his haters are concerned, he more or less ignores them and rather stays focused on his goal to “soon be the greatest”. And as for other, more-violent threats, he is letting those who may want to cause him physical harm know that he and “the gang” will defend accordingly, i.e. via gunfire. 

Indeed if nothing else, the rapper sets out to effectively display his ‘hood-based background. But all things considered, we can say that “20/20” is an ode to his come up leading into his vision of the future, which once again is to be the dominant musician in the rap game.

Lyrics of "20/20"

Release Date of “20/20”

“20/20” was dropped on New Year’s Day (1 January), 2020.

Did Lil Tjay write this song?

“20/20” was written by Bronx-bazed rapper Lil Tjay. And interesting to note is that both of its producers, Woodpecker and Dovgh, are from the Netherlands.

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