“Calling My Phone” by Lil Tjay & 6LACK

On “Calling My Phone”, the two narrators are addressing their exes. And we can say that there are mixed sentiments being relayed. On one hand, as illustrated in the chorus, these are ladies whom Lil Tjay and 6lack ‘can’t get off of their minds now’.  This is despite what appears as a conscientious effort to do so. And that brings us to the primary sentiment being relayed, which is their desire to basically excommunicate their respective ex-girlfriends. 

Indeed the title of the track points to the fact that the ladies still have a tendency to ‘call their phones’. However, the homeys are basically advising them not to, as they have already moved on with their lives.

Dishonest Addressees

And despite Tjay and 6lack each have their own verses, they are basically saying the same thing. For whatever unspecified reason(s), they have come not to trust these ladies anymore. Or as stated in the current world of hip-hop, they no longer consider them as being “gang”. In fact Tjay goes as far as to imply that he’s been “traumatized” by said romance, as homegirl “put (him) through some things” which made him switch his style up. 

Indeed whereas he was once loyal to her, initially after breaking up he found himself chasing phattys all over the place. Such behavior is usually indicative of someone who has in fact had his heart broken. But Lil has found this one girl who he has decided to make his new boo. And now, since he knows he’s going to go on to be a success, he’s basically throwing the entire situation in his ex-girlfriend’s face, i.e. the one who’s still blowing his phone up.

And again, 6lack comes off along a similar vein. His ex has apparently done something(s) which he couldn’t tolerate. And these thing(s) resulted in him cutting her off. He knows that in the aftermath she is left with no one. Meanwhile when they were together he used to spoil her. So on top of letting her know that she is no longer eligible for such privileges, he also throws salt on the wound. And he does this by making her privy to the fact that he “(got) a new thing” who is now the recipient of his racks.

Lyrics of "Calling My Phone"


So conclusively, the situation reads as if the vocalists both had their experiences with less-than-ideal partners. In fact the mannerisms of said ladies resulted in the dissolution of those relationships. But their exes are still hitting them up, as they can’t get over the fact that it is indeed over. Meanwhile the homeys themselves have already moved on to new main squeezes. And they can’t help but to let their exes know that they have in fact missed out on a good thing.

Facts about “Calling My Phone”

Lil Tjay teased “Calling My Phone” during December of 2020. And said snippet went viral, especially on TikTok.

Columbia Records officially released this track on 12 February 2021. At the time of its release it is expected (though not verified) to be featured on Lil Tjay’s second full-length, his forthcoming “Destined 2 Win” project.

The New York rapper’s debut full-length, “True 2 Myself” (2019), reached number 5 on the Billboard 200 and went on to be certified platinum by the RIAA.

Within a couple of days of its release “Calling My Phone” appears poised to debut at number one on the UK Singles Chart. And if it does chart as expected, it would be the first time either of these artists topped this all-important listing (as well as being 6lack’s first time breaking the UK Top 40 altogether).

The song also managed to reach number one on Spotify’s US chart shortly after coming out. Additionally it accomplished the same feat on Apple Music’s US as well as global listings.

And overall we can say that at the time Lil Tjay can use a bit of good news. For on 31 December 2020 he got knocked by the NYPD on weapons’, weed as well as a grand larceny charge.

This is the first collaboration between Lil Tjay, a (at the time) 19 year-old rapper who grew up in the Bronx and 6lack, a 28 year-old primarily singer from the A-T-L.

The music video to this song was directed by Cam Busby.

Indeed whereas both of the artists are already successful musicians in their own rights, it appears that “Calling my Phone” may, as Genius has stated, “take things to the next level” for the homeys. For instance, it achieved 2,000,000 YouTube views within hours of being dropped.

Writing and Production of “Calling My Phone”

6lack and Tjay were assisted in writing this song by its three producers, G. Ry, Bordeaux and Non Native.

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