“2099” by Charli XCX (ft. Troye Sivan)

Supposedly Charli XCX’s “2099” is set in the future, thus the title “2099”.  However, there is nothing in the lyrics to really indicate such. Rather it features the artists, particularly Charli who dominates the track’s only verse, bigging up themselves. 

And who she seems to be addressing or comparing herself to for the most part is a female rival, particularly a fellow musician. And what she is doing is touting her superiority over this particular person, who is symbolic of all of her competitors. 

Furthermore, a similar sentiment of personal excellence is expressed by both she and Troye Sivan in the chorus. However, in those cases it is more general instead of being directed at a specific person. So perhaps the way the narrative is supposed to read is that the artists still expect to be on top of their game, even unto 2099, as in even the unforeseeable future. And Charli anticipates her competitors and imitators being there also, yet none of them being able to match her style or output. 

So basically, “2099” reads like a very-bold statement of confidence from both of the artists.

Lyrics of "2099"

“2099” is a follow-up track?

Although they are based on two different subject matters (one the past and the other the future), this song is considered to be the follow-up to “1999”. “1999” was a track Charli XCX dropped in 2018 which also featured Troye Sivan.

Release Date

“2099” was released on 10 September 2019 as the seventh single from Charli’s album, “Charli”. The publishers/labels behind this track’s release are Asylum and Atlantic Records.

Another notable singles from “Charli” is the song “Cross You Out“.

Writing and Production of “2099”

The song was produced by A.G. Cook alongside Nömak. They also assisted Troye and Charli in writing “2099”.

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