“C2.0” by Charli XCX

The title of this song stands for “Click 2.0”, with “Click” being a song that Charli XCX dropped back in 2019. However, the lyrics rather refer to her “clique”. And what the singer is saying, succinctly put, is that she misses being around her homeys. So in the present moment, she basically finds herself in a situation in which she is remembering the good, close times she and her friends used to share together.

Backing Vocals

German-born professional singer Kim Petras sings the backing vocals on “C2.0”.

Did this song make in onto the Billboard Charts?


Is Charli XCX credited as a writer on “C2.0”?

Yes. She and approximately six other writers worked on the creation of this song.

Album Information

This is the eighth track on the album “How I’m Feeling Now” (which is Charli’s fourth studio project). Interestingly, this song and the entire album were produced in Charli’s own home studio.

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