“I Love It” by Icona Pop (ft. Charli XCX)

“I Love It” is about, according to Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt, making your way out of a “really bad heartbreak”, though with a strong kick of positive resistance. She and Aino Jawo did not have a hand in writing these lyrics themselves. But they were able to very much relate as at the time, according to Jawo, they were caught up in a cycle of “dating pigs”, i.e. being used by men basically, when Charli XCX’s “I Love It” demo landed on their laps.

There is also a line in the song in which the vocalist infers that the addressee, i.e. this guy who has done her wrong, is a generation older than she is. That particular element further attracted Jawo to this piece. But that particular aspect of the track’s narrative, if in fact Charli actually meant it that way, is never expounded on therein.

Rather, more to the overall point in relation to that particular line is the vocalist coming to realize that she and the addressee are on two different planes, so to speak. Or put more simply, they’re incompatible. But apparently, she did not fully understand this until after he had thoroughly done her dirty. And as implied in the first verse, what the addressee has done is something along the lines of deserting her.

A Furious Singer

That said, this piece really isn’t wordy at all. All that’s being put forth really is that somewhere along the line, the singer’s feelings for the addressee turned into palpable anger. And the Icona Pop girls were able to pull this effect off so effectively (as opposed to the track’s original demo). This is because at the time, as noted earlier, they were dealing with hard romantic frustrations in real life.

And how that frustration is manifested in the lyrics is by the vocalist ‘crashing her car’, throwing her ex’s belongings “down the stairs” and that type of, shall we say unwomanly behavior. And that is what she means by ‘loving it’, as in ‘finally not caring’ in terms of terminating this troubling romance. 

In other words, all of such actions are part of the narrator’s effort to free her soul from the addressee. 

Interesting to note is that a line in the refrain kinda implies that they’re still together now. But the vocalist has decided, due to the addressee’s “damn hard to please” ways, to “kill this switch”, i.e. make a definitive move towards deading their relationship.

Icona Pop, “I Love It” Lyrics

Icona Pop

Icona Pop is a pairing of Swedish electronic musicians Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. This act has been around since the early 2010s. However, thus far they only have a couple of full-length albums, 2012’s “Icona Pop” and 2013’s “This Is… Icona Pop”, under its belt. 

It is from the earlier of those efforts that we get “I Love It”, which is by far the most-successful single in the girls’ discography.

In this case, Jawo and Hjelt teamed up with English songstress Charli XCX, marking the only collaboration between these acts to date. That said, it should be stated that both were featured on the 2018 remix to Tove Lo’s “Bit-hes”. 

Facts about “I Love It”

This song is also the biggest all-around hit currently standing in XCX’s catalog. “I Love It” was a major global success, charting in nearly 30 countries and proving multiplatinum in a handful of them. 

This success story includes the track, as of this writing, going sextuple-platinum status in Sweden, quadruple-platinum in the United States and septuple-platinum in the land down under. 

And in terms of its chart success, “I Love It” topped the UK Singles Chart, the Scottish Singles Chart and a couple of Billboard listings stateside:

  • Dance/Mix Show Airplay 
  • Hot Dance/Electronic Songs 

Furthermore, this tune, which was officially released on 9 May 2012, also got the remix treatment upon its 10 anniversary in mid-2022.

The name of this track’s music video director is Fredrik Etoall. 

This song was actually conceptualized by Charli XCX, with its producers, Patrik Berger and Style of Eye, likewise getting songwriting credit. As such, it was also Charli who originally recorded it. However, she opted not to release it as one of her own songs. Sometime later down the line, Icona Pop, who took a liking to XCX’s demo of “I Love It”, successfully decided to get involved.

This track has had a couple of notable television usages in relation to its rise in the United States. First, it was featured on an episode of a somewhat-obscure series known as Snooki & Jwoww in 2012. Then in early 2013, it made a more notable appearance on an episode of an HBO show called Girls.

I Love It

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