“Earfquake” by Tyler, the Creator

On the song “Earfquake”, Tyler, the Creator blames himself for the unstable state of his relationship with his lover. He acknowledges the fact that he may not have treated his woman the best way and this is causing her to lose interest. In an effort to patch things up, he tells her not to leave because it’s his fault.

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He likens the love he has for her to an earthquake which causes his world to shake, as the title “Earfquake” denotes. It appears he may have taken her for granted in the initial stages of their bond, but later realizes that he really needs her, both physically and emotionally.

In the second verse, Tyler, the Creator admits to his lover that he really does not intend to complicate the relationship, but to know what she really feels. In the end, he pleads with her not to give up on them because he has admitted his faults and is willing to make things right.

Lyrics of "Earfquake"

Facts about “Earfquake”

  • The track is actually a collaboration between Tyler and rapper Playboi Carti. It also features the vocals of singers Devonte Hynes and Charlie Wilson.
  • The four, Tyler, Playboi, Dev Hynes and Charlie Wilson wrote the song together.
  • The production of “Earfquake” was handled solely by Tyler.
  • This is the second track on Tyler’s 2019 album, IGOR.
  • The track was leaked and released on the same date, May 17, 2019.
  • “Earfquake” marks Tyler’s first time working with Dev Hynes. However, it isn’t his first collaboration with Playboi Carti and Charlie Wilson.
  • “Earfquake” is one of the stand out tracks on IGOR. Other stand out tracks on that album include “New Magic Wand” and “Running Out of Time“.

11 Responses

  1. Ennis says:

    This song is about clingy and emotional-dependent people for whom thy notion of love is that of a shattering and thrilling state that they are addicted to. It’s hard for people like this to rescind of that emotional state they call love and they hold to it to the point of becoming emotional overwhelmed or “burned” and end up burning people around. .. in the name of love. The song is also about how the R&B, and soulful music scene in general burn people with the overworked theme of love, with the sad clingy side of emotional love in particular. Of course Tyler “The Creator” achieves to transmit the perfect message of how it is and illustrate everyone about this phenomenon because he is a genius. This song is the perfect cure for the emotional love addicts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tyler keeps his sexuality ambiguous and has since Flower Boy. The album could be about either gender but he never specifically lays one out in any of his lyrics

  2. Anonymous says:

    never does he specify that the lover is a girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the album Igor is about two gay lovers, if you watch the videos and listen to all of the songs.

  4. Little bites says:

    Wait he’s gay?

    • Anonymous says:

      bisexual or pansexual would probably be a more fitting term, he states In wilshire off CMIYGL that he is infact in love with a girl

      • Anonymous says:

        the album was about a boy he liked that had a gf at the time.
        tyler is bisexual, though hes never directly said it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Igor is a very complex album and as most artists usually would write for their fans to relate, this was for Tyler himself to let us know what was going on. Tyler is speaking of a man he loves but this man is hiding his sexuality by being with a woman, neglecting the relationship with Tyler. EARFQUAKE is speaking Tyler depending on this love interest, maybe going a little crazy over it, with the words “Don’t leave, it’s my fault,” and “Cause when it all comes crashing down, I need you,”

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you listen to all of the songs in the Album IGOR you will find out that he falls in love with a man who makes him go crazy but is also not fully committed to the relationship with Tyler. Tyler mentions how dangerous this boy is because he can’t control his emotions anymore. (See A BOY IS A GUN* and PUPPET) He also figures out that his lover is in a relationship with a women and that makes him mad.

    Tyler worries that this relationship is coming to an end and makes an attempt to win over his lover once again. (See EARFQUAKE and RUNNING OUT OF TIME) He tells his lover to come out of the closet to his girlfriend out of jealousy. In the song NEW MAGIC WAND, Tyler raps about getting a new magic wand (or a gun) to take his lovers women out of the picture by killing her and eventually saying pick a side or I will pick you both; essentially threatening to murder both his lover and the women in the picture. Tyler then realizes what’s wrong and acknowledges the problems with this. His alter-ego/emotional being IGOR then emerges and takes control of Tyler in the song WHAT’S GOOD. Tyler decides he is done with this relationship but he is still struggling to get over his lover. (See PUPPET)

    The rest of the album is about Tyler falling out of love and trying to keep a platonic relationship with this former lover of his. (See GONE GONE/THANK YOU, I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE, and ARE WE STILL FRIENDS) This love story between Tyler and the man he fell in love with makes IGOR one of the best albums produced to this day because it is so unique and tells an eventful story about the artist that produced it.

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