“fmk” by GAYLE & Blackbear

These lyrics of “fmk” speak to, as explained by Gayle, “the intensities of young love” and how, when a person is first smitten, they aren’t likely to fully understand the complexities of modern romance. Or put otherwise, it is possible to both love and hate a romantic interest at the same time. And such is the situation the vocalists are dealing with, let’s say in a way that they didn’t realize such emotions were able to coexist beforehand.

So ultimately, that’s a fancy way of saying that there’s an ample amount of self-analysis going on in this piece, particularly on the part of Gayle. 

As for Blackbear – who to note is over a decade older than his co-star – he seems to have a better understanding of what’s going on both internally and with his partner. But what it all boils down to is actually the titular acronym, i.e. the portrayed romance being such that its participant “wanna f*-k, marry [and] kill” their significant other like all at once.

And truthfully, the female in this equation does come off as being the instigator, i.e. the type to admittedly goes “way too far” when she’s pissed off, while the male, as presented, is forced to the contend with the related stresses she puts him through on a “daily” basis. But in any event, it doesn’t look like they have plans to break up anytime soon, as they’ve come to realize that, as far as this relationship is currently concerned, along with the pleasure also comes the pain.

GAYLE & Blackbear's "Fmk" Lyrics

The Collaboration

This track is the first collaboration between Gayle and Blackbear, who are respectively from Texas and Florida. The former is a newcomer on the music scene. Thus far she has one solid hit under her belt, that being 2021’s “ABCDEFU“. 

Meanwhile, the earliest notable success in Blackbear’s discography is 2014’s “Idfc” (which was dropped around the time Gayle was 10 years old). So it would appear, also taking “fmk” into consideration, that these artists have a thing for acronyms.

Release of “fmk”

Atlantic Records officially put “fmk” on sale on 16 September 2022.

This track is a feature on “A Study of the Human Experience”, Gayle’s debut LP which is set to come out later in 2022.

Writing Credits

The writing of “fmk” is officially credited to these songwriters:

  • Benjamin Levy
  • Taylor Foley
  • Matthew Musto

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