Alessia Cara’s “October” Lyrics Meaning

“October” is a track found on Alessia Cara’s 2019 EP entitled “This Summer”.  As we know, the month of October is not actually a part of summer but rather the first month after its official end. And likewise this song is meant to symbolize the impending end of the summer season.

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Or more to the point, Alessia penned this track whilst simultaneously being on tour (as the opening act for fellow Canadian musician Shawn Mendes) in the summer of 2019. She clearly enjoyed the experience thoroughly, especially from an interpersonal perspective. Thus the purpose of this track, in her own words, is to “encapsulate” the beautiful moments which highlighted this endeavor. And she does this not in terms of hardcore specifics but rather by capturing what she went through internally.

And the primary sentiment she is expressing is a desire for she and her companions to “never see October”. That is a poetic way of saying that she does not want to summer to end since, once again, she is having the time of her life.

But ultimately Alessia acknowledges the inevitability of the situation, as in October will indeed come, and this experience will conclude, by all means.  So conclusively, we can say that this track serves as an ode to a particular period of her life that she never wants to forget. 

And in terms of general applicability, the overall feeling relayed is one that plays heavily on the concept of nostalgia. However, this concept of nostalgia is more in the present tense as opposed to the usual method of looking back at the past.

Lyrics of "October"

Alessia Cara on “October”

According to Alessia Cara, “October” is about the amazing experience she had touring with singer Shawn Mendes and the friends she made along the way.

Writing Credits for “October”

Jon Levine served as both a writer and producer of “October” but was assisted on both fronts. On the production side, his co-worker was Midi Jones. And in terms of the track’s lyrical composition, Alessia also contributed to the writing of this song.

Release Date

“October” was released on September 3rd, 2019. It is featured on Alessia Cara’s six-track EP entitled “This Summer”. According to Alessia, of all the songs on the aforementioned EP, “October” happens to be “the most emotional”.

Other prominent songs from this EP include the following:

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