“Canada” by Lauv (ft. Alessia Cara)

In the song “Canada”, Lauv and Alessia Cara play the role of lovers. And the storyline it is based on is a fantasy two of them have of moving to Canada.  Now the underlying message isn’t so much about them physically desiring to go to the Great White North. Rather it is what that locality represents, which is an ideal escape from their current environs. Or as Lauv has explained this track, it is about that point in a romance where you and your partner may be like ‘let’s get away from here and do our own thing’. 

But Alessia Cara also implies in the second verse that part of the reason they are contemplating such a transfer is because they’re not having the best of “luck”, as in things are not going that well, in their current situation. So they are contemplating making a bold powerful move, as in leaving their current life behind in such an instantaneous fashion that they become symbols of not giving a damn, if you will. 

So conclusively, this is very much a love song. Moreover it is based on two lovers fantasizing about living the Canadian dream shall we say. And in this case that dream reads like a happy, peaceful and prosperous household where the two of them can joyfully partake of each other’s love.

Lyrics of "Canada"

Inspiration behind “Canada”

Lauv conceptualized “Canada” after receiving a pic from a lady he was dating at the time. Said image was actually a screenshot of the topics which were trending on Twitter at that moment. And at the top of the list was one of those researches – the types of which you’re likely familiar with – which concluded that Canada has the best quality of life in the world. 

So basically Lauv, working primarily alongside Phoebe Bridgers, took that idea and transformed it into this song. And as stated before, it is intended to center on the era – which you’re also probably familiar with – of a romantic relationship where two lovers basically feel as if they can take on the world.  And accordingly they are bold enough to at least fantasize about pursuing their wildest escapist dreams.

Facts about “Canada”

The multi-talented Lauv had his hand in both writing and producing this song, as did Johnny Simpson.

On the production side, they worked with Sir Babygirl. Alessia Cara also co-wrote this song. The other co-writers are Marshall Vore, and Phoebe Bridgers.

This song is part of Lauv’s first album, which is entitled “How I’m Feeling”.  And it was released by AWAL as a part of such on 6 March 2020.

“Canada” marks the first occasion where Lauv has worked with Alessia Cara.  And for the record, Alessia is actually from Brampton, which is a suburb of Toronto, Canada.

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