“Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” by Bryan Adams

“Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” is one of those sweet yet aggressive love songs that were kind of the rage back around the 1980s. The singer is saying that he is so committed to getting the addressee, i.e. the apple of his eye, that no force on Earth is going to stop him from pursuing her. But that includes even the lady herself, as he is also telling her that she shouldn’t “even try” to deny him.

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But considering the title and all, the implication is that their romance has already reached a certain point. Or another way of viewing the scenario is that after dating the addressee casually, now Bryan is committed – at all costs – to taking their relationship to the next level. And why? He now feels that the trajectory of their romance is such that they should embrace the mutual feelings they have for each other.

Facts about “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”

“Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” is one of the bigger hits of Bryan Adams’ career. For instance, it reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on Canada Top Singles. Additionally it has been certified Gold in both the United States and Canada.  Moreover, the song was nominated for a couple of Grammy Awards in 1992. And the British Columbia Liberal Party used it as their theme song during their successful political campaign of 2009.

The song itself was released by A&M Records on 9 October 1991. It was the second single issued from Bryan Adam’s multi-Platinum album, “Waking Up the Neighbours”.

Bryan Adams co-wrote “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” alongside Robert John Lange, whom he penned quite a few hits with. And “Mutt” Lange also served as the track’s producer.

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