“When You’re Gone” by Bryan Adams (ft. Melanie C.)

On “When You’re Gone”, the vocalists (Bryan Adams and Melanie C.) portray the roles of two lovers who, sometime in the past, have apparently broken up. But in the aftermath of such, they have now come to realize just how much they were in fact “in love”. That is to say that every pleasure in their lives has been minimized by each other’s absence.  Moreover the loneliness is killing them. So although they never go as far as to say it, the implication is that they are looking forward to getting back together ASAP.

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Facts about “When You’re Gone”

“When You’re Gone” came out on 16 February 1999 via A&M Records. It was the second single from Bryan Adams’ critically acclaimed album, “On a Day Like Today”.

As is standard, Adams wrote his song himself, in this case partnering with Eliot Kennedy in that regard. And as is also standard, Adams produced his own track, once again in conjunction with an artist named Bob Rock.

“When You’re Gone” marks the first collaboration between Bryan Adams and Melanie C.  The latter is a member of the Spice Girls, who at the time were one of the most-popular bands in the world. And Bryan did work aside Melanie again, as a co-writer of her 2003 track “Follow Me”.

This track turned out to be a massive hit, even though Melanie C. is not who Bryan Adams first wanted to be featured on it (having preferred Sheryl Crow instead). In fact it charted in over 20 nations overall and has been certified Platinum in Australia and the UK.

In 2005, Bryan Adams released a compilation album called “Anthology”. And during that outing, he actually re-recorded “When You’re Gone”, this time alongside popular Canadian model-actress Pamela Anderson. However, the Melanie C. version was also present and in fact issued as the first single from that project.

The following are just some of the other hits Bryan included on the aforementioned compilation album:

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