“Inside Out” by Bryan Adams

By this stage in his career, Bryan Adams had already come out with enough hit love songs to know how to put a spin on the well-worn man-loves-woman theme. So yes, he is in fact once again expressing his feelings for a lady he finds special. But the way he goes about doing so is by exclaiming that he wants to ‘know her inside out’. That’s another way of saying that he is seeking knowledge concerning absolutely everything about her – the good and the bad, her fantasies and fears, her “highest high” and “lowest low”. 

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Indeed his goal is to actually know her just as well as he knows himself. And even though it is never stated forthrightly in the lyrics, the implication is that this is all in the name of being the best partner to her as possible.

This song can be originally found on Bryan Adams’ 1998 album which he titled “On a Day Like Today”. It came out with said album on the 27th of October 1998, with A&M Records also later issuing it as the third single from that project in 2000.

Bryan wrote this song alongside Gretchen Peters. And he produced it with a regular collaborator from the earlier years of his career, Bob Rock.

“Inside Out” charted in four countries. And a cover of the tune which Trisha Yearwood released in conjunction with Don Henley in 2001 managed to appear on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

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