“I’m Ready” by Bryan Adams

The majority of the lyrics to “I’m Ready” center on the singer letting the addressee, his romantic interest, know that he is “ready to love”. It’s not exactly clear how he got to this point. That is to say that the first verse reads as if he is now making his move. And the second can be interpreted that maybe they already had something going on in the past.  But either way, what Bryan wants this lady to know is that the time has now come where he is committed to being there for her.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Bryan Adams's I'm Ready at Lyrics.org.

“I’m Ready” Facts

“I’m Ready” was written by Bryan alongside Jim Vallance.

The first artist to actually record it was American singer Ian Lloyd back in 1976. The official release date of Bryan Adams’ version is 18 January 1983. It came out as part of his album “Cuts Like a Knife”, which was brought to us by A&M Records. And the artist who produced the track, in conjunction with Bryan, is Bob Clearmountain.

“I’m Ready” is counted amongst Bryan’s hits alright, but it didn’t blow up until 1998.   That was around the time when a live-acoustic version was featured on Adams’ 1997 MTV Unplugged album. That’s when the song topped the Canada Adult Contemporary chart and saw the light of day on the UK Singles Chart, Eurochart Hot 100 and on charts in a handful of other European countries.

Bryan himself attributed this phenomenon to him ‘reinterpreting’ “I’m Ready”, which was made possible by familiarizing himself with the song throughout the years.

Was this a single from “Cuts Like a Knife”?

No. 5 singles supported “Cuts Like a Knife”, including the album’s title track. “I’m Ready” wasn’t among these 5 singles. Despite that it attained the status of one of the album’s biggest hits.

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