“Cloud Number Nine” by Bryan Adams

On this song, the phrase Cloud Number Nine basically serves as a metaphor for romance.  And it is that allegorical location that the singer wants to take the addressee to.

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There is a back story permeating throughout which reads as if she is in a tumultuous relationship with someone else. But either way, the primary sentiment being put forth is that the mood is right for she and the singer to take things to another level, i.e. cloud number nine. And the singer is hoping to be granted the opportunity to fully capitalize on it.

Bryan Adams’ long-time employer, A&M Records, released this tune on 18 April 1999. It is the third single from Adams’ eighth-studio album, which itself is entitled “On a Day Like Today”.

Bryan composed this particular tune alongside Max Martin and Gretchen Peters, and he produced it with Bob Rock.

“Cloud Number Nine” really blew up after it was remixed by a British musician named Chicane. This is the version of the song which is actually featured on “The Best of Me”, Bryan’s 1999 compilation album, though on that project it isn’t listed as a remix. That particular version went on to reach number six on the UK Singles Chart. And overall this song charted in Canada, Oceania and throughout Europe.

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