“Alone” by Rod Wave

Rod Wave, as is sort of his standard, is speaking to a troubled romantic relationship of his on “Alone”. The featured narrative is one in which, to fully appreciate what’s being put forth, requires some reading in-between the lines on the part of the listener. For instance, on the surface, it does very much seem as if this is, most simply put, the case of a vocalist who has unfortunately found himself smitten by a transient lover. 

But interlaced therein, we have Wave implying that he too has contributed to this reality and that his actions may very well be the source of the addressee’s less-than-fully-committed behavior.

That is to say that Road once again goes about once depicting himself as someone who is, shall we say, more committed to the grind than he is family life. But this time that obsession, if you will, has come back to bite him in the behind. So now what the vocalist is contending with, apparently, is a woman who has been turned off by his workaholic ways.

Or, at least that’s one solid way of interpreting all that’s going down here. Again, as much as is stated in the lyrics, there is also a lot that’s left unsaid. For example, we know that the addressee, as observed by Rod, is suffering from “a broken heart in disguise”. But it is never clarified as to whether said heartbreak is the result of Wave’s actions or perhaps another lover who did her dirty in the past.

Thesis Sentiment of “Alone”

In any event the thesis sentiment of this piece, which is the vocalist’s desire not “to end up alone”, is itself presented clearly enough. Or put more bluntly, Wave does not want his romance with the addressee – as perturbed as it may be – to come to an end. But she obviously doesn’t feel the same way in particular. So this may well be a case of a somewhat-unrequited love, with the vocalist apparently being under the impression that this is a nightmare he more or less created for himself.

Lyrics to Rod Wave's "Alone"

Release Date

“Alone” is a song that was issued by Alamo Records on 8 August 2022 as the third single from “Beautiful Mind”, which itself is slated to be Wave’s fourth studio album.

Other singles from Wave’s “Beautiful Mind” include:

Credits for “Alone”

Rod Wave had a hand in directing the music video to this track, doing so besides one Yawn Rico. 

“Alone” samples “U.N.I.”, a track Ed Sheeran dropped in 2011. As such the writers of the latter, Jake Gosling and Sheeran, are also acknowledged as authors of Rod Wave’s song. 

Wave of course also receives writing credits for “Alone”. So do its two producers, B Squared and Will-A-Fool.


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