“Pray 4 Love” by Rod Wave

Rod Wave’s “Pray 4 Love” is premised on the artist recognizing that this is a “cold, cold world” that we live in. In other words, he views early childhood as a time where an individual may get the necessary affection. But afterwards they have to deal with people who do not have their best interest in mind.  This is especially true for someone like him, i.e. a successful rapper. For example, he mentions more than once that the females in his life tend to be “fake” and money-oriented. 

And overall he just feels like their “ain’t no love” being displayed between the members of the human race, especially based on his own personal experiences and observations. As such, as the title suggests he is compelled to pray to God. And he is not only ‘praying for love’ but also to repent of his own “dirty ways”, lest he dies prematurely.

Lyrics of "Pray 4 Love"


Due to a lack of affection he sees being expressed between people, Rod Wave is compelled to “pray for love”.

Release Date of “Pray 4 Love”

“Pray 4 Love” was released on 18 March 2020 as the title track from Rod Wave’s upcoming second-studio album.

Writing Credits

The song was written by Rod Wave and produced by TreOnTheBeat.

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