“Call Your Friends” by Rod Wave

Emo rap specialist Rod Wave’s fourth studio album is titled “Nostalgia”. “Call Your Friends”, which is one of the songs on this album, came out on 18 August 2023. This particular track was written by Rod Wave. However, Wave didn’t compose this track alone. He received writing assistance from the song’s producers, who are as follows:

  • BeatsByTrain
  • Landers
  • McCoy
  • Ryan Bevolo
Call Your Friends

The Lyrics of “Call Your Friends”

There’s a lot of bellyaching and sentimentality being relayed in this song, as to be expected from a Rod Wave outing. But there are two main issues which he is primarily complaining about. One would be the negative psychological and social ramifications of being wealthy. 

For example, Rod has been able to notice that having a phat account has now made him prideful. Put simply, he now engages in activities such as buying expensive cars even though he doesn’t want the associated attention. And socially, most simply put his associates have come to incessantly look for ways to get their hands on his dough, even going as far as harassing Wave at “seven in the morning”.

A related sentiment permeates into the chorus, i.e. the vocalist complaining that no one ever calls just to see if he’s okay. In other words, his friends are rather reaching out for their own selfish purposes. 

So the title, as presented at the end of the song’s only verse, serves the purpose of advising listeners to “call your friends and ask how they doing”. Or put otherwise in context, you never know when a buddy is going through a hard time and may need to hear from someone who is genuinely concerned about their wellbeing.

But with that being noted, the second major issue Rod faces is romantic drama, as not only mentioned at the beginning of the lyrics but also reiterated at their conclusion. And it may be that Wave’s beef with his baby mama has something to do with his wealth also. 

But in any event, it’s as if what’s bothering him the most is the prospect of his family being torn apart due to what reads like what may be infidelity issues on the vocalist’s behalf.

“Could you call me if I ever cross your mind?
Do I ever cross your mind?
If I ever cross your mind
Call me if I ever cross your mind
Do I ever cross your mind?
If I ever cross your mind
Please, call me”

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