“Cold December” by Rod Wave

Cold December‘s verse is primarily based on the vocalist’s romantic past. As implied, he’s been smitten quite a few times. But seemingly more to the point is Rod Wave possessing an inability to remain in love over an extended period, dating back to “Dee”, his girlfriend from high school – or something like that.

Truthfully, this is bit of a difficult song in terms of pinning down its thesis sentiment. And that’s because initially, the vocalist starts off by noting a tendency out of love “the same night” he falls into it. But then the selfsame verse concludes with Wave apparently being in a long-term relationship with one “Brianna”. 

And the chorus too also speaks to the concept expressing a desire for a special someone to mitigate what he terms as a ‘cold December’, an expression which is meant to be symbolic of Rod’s loneliness.

But ultimately, what it appears he’s putting forth is a willingness to indeed fall in love at “first sight”. Maybe, as implied earlier, said emotions will prove fleeting. But Wave is coming off as a “sucker for love” as Tupac would put it, i.e. someone who enjoys being smitten for smitten’s sake. 

So perhaps doing a bit of postulation, we can say that the reason the vocalist isn’t a long-term lover is because he favors the early goings of a relationship more so than an established romance. But at the end of the day, it is possible that Rod is speaking to commitment issues on his behalf, which may have contributed to him being “lonely” in the here and now.

Lyrics of Rod Wave's "Cold December"

Facts about “Cold December”

The production team behind “Cold December” consists of the following:

  • Luke Walker
  • ProducedbyJB
  • ThatBossEvan
  • TnTXD

And the four of them are also credited as co-writers alongside Rod Wave and Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. is actually a late 20th century country music singer. And the reason he’s acknowledged as a co-writer is because “Cold December” samples a track he dropped in 1979 entitled “O.D.’D in Denver”.

The track’s official date of release was 17 January 2022. It is a part of Rod’s 2022 studio project. And the labels that released “Cold December” are Alamo Records in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment.

Cold December

Rod Wave has stated that he actually dropped “Cold December” by force, i.e. in the name of honoring his contract with Alamo and Sony. But as for Rod personally, the celebrity lifestyle is not agreeing with him. Therefore he has relatedly implied that in the near future, he will be retiring from music.

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  1. ANGEL😇👿 says:

    I swear if rod wave leaves music im leaving this earth. (not really but) he needs to stay he has only been doin this for a little while and right when i find him (the only person that ive been listening to for 3 years now other than lil baby and very little lil baby) i find out he think bout leaving hell naw man you can do it to ur gurl now. You my home boy… Home boy if you leave my world is gone ima have to start doin drugs or some shit to get my mind off my problems and trust me theres a lot. BUT DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GURL MEANING ME!!!

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