“Tombstone” by Rod Wave

Concurrent with the release of “Tombstone” Rod Wave, somewhat of a newcomer to the music scene, is known as being one of the more-emotional artists in R&B/hip-hop. His songs often deal with more serious topics, i.e. the harrowing challenges he has faced in life. And thematically this song is no different.

Lyrics of “Tombstone”

The first verse apparently harps back to his life in the ‘hood. In that regard he more or less comes off as your standard street-originated artist, i.e. someone who at a time may have engaged in illicit activity in order to make ends meet. 

But more to the point is his feeling of stress throughout. For instance, he’s afraid to entertain “seven missed calls” because he knows there’s “bad news” on the other line. 

Also he’s apparently “scared” that law enforcement may roll up on him (or a loved one) at any given moment. Meanwhile Rod’s girl is also worrying him for more attention. But right now he’s more dedicated to thuggin’, i.e. making his living out on the street.

Indeed all of this pessimism apparently has Wave foreseeing his own death, the concept which the title of this song alludes to.  But when he does go, he wants the world to remember him as he was, “the truest in the motherf–king game”.  Or stated differently he doesn’t joke around with his craft, whether it be thuggin’ or making music. 

He also idealizes death as an event in which he’ll finally “be resting in peace” thereafter. So he has sort of this fatalistic outlook that he may die prematurely due to living the street life, similar to the late Tupac Shakur. And also like Tupac he believes that the afterlife may be more peaceful than the here and now.

Lyrics of "Tombstone"

Meanwhile the outro of the track may, to some listeners, come off as being babble. But actually what Rod Wave is asserting throughout the passage is that, simply put, life isn’t easy. Or rather let’s say that even though he has now established himself as a celebrity musician, that doesn’t mean that all of the stress associated with his personal history has magically disappeared. 

Indeed Rod hasn’t forgotten where he came from, still “sleep(ing) on the floor” for instance.

So he doesn’t want people presuming they know what time it is in his life, when in fact they don’t. And he definitely doesn’t appreciate haters, as vehemently expressed in the chorus. 

So this is sort of a mind-your-own-business kind of track. Or instead don’t act like you know Rod Wave if you don’t know Rod Wave. For he may appear as being a certain way, even depressed if you will, but that would be because life made him so.


In all, Rod Wave believes he may die prematurely. Furthermore, he is of the belief that the afterlife may be more restful than this current life.

Facts about “Tombstone”

Being issued by Alamo Records on 24 March 2021, this is the second single from Rod Wave’s third album, “SoulFly”. Said project before even being released topped a music chart, that being the Apple Music Pre-Add Chart.


Such is a reflection of the fact that as of early 2021, Rod Wave is considered to be one of the premiere up-and-comers in the game. 

For instance, in 2020 he was named a member of the XXL Freshman Class, sharing that spotlight with the likes of Lil Tjay, Jack Harlow and Fivio Foreign. 

2020 was also the same year he released his second album “Pray 4 Love”, which reached number one on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart, in addition to going platinum. Prior to that in 2019, he dropped seven songs that all have been RIAA-certified gold. And his very-first official single, “Heart on Ice“, has been certified double-platinum in the US.

The music video to “Tombstone” was directed by a crew know as Reel Goats who have made a name for themselves providing similar services for DaBaby. 

And said video is apparently themed on various challenges Rod Wave faced while growing up. Moreover the visual has been acknowledged as being a bit tear-jerking, as Rod’s music tends to be.

The producers of this track are Jai Beats, Eighty8 and Saucii. And all three of them are also acknowledged as co-writers of the track, along with Rod Wave.      

Rod Wave first teased this song, via Instagram Live, in late 2020.

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