Meaning of “Boyz Don’t Cry” by Rod Wave

Delving into the lyrics of Rod Wave’s “Boyz Don’t Cry”, we see a deep and raw exploration of the artist’s inner turmoil and emotional landscape. It seems that Wave is grappling with success, the expectations it brings, and the painful memories and experiences that inform his music.

In the verse, he mentions a tour bus “sliding in the rain headed out of state”, which sheds light on his life on the road as a musician. The “rain” could symbolize the troubles and struggles he’s experiencing. He speaks to being full of rage and enduring a past filled with pain, which suggests a history of personal hardships that continue to affect him.


He goes on to use imagery of being on a “planet of his own, living like an alien”, which communicates feelings of isolation and perhaps not fitting in or feeling understood.

The fear

Rod also touches upon the fear of vulnerability, with lines like “I keep my problems to myself” and fearing the perceived weakness that might come from reaching out to someone he wants to talk to. This portrayal of inner turmoil contrasts with the external expectations and judgments of others, including internet commentary that trivializes his struggles.

The Justice System

Wave also touches on broader issues such as the criminal justice system with references to “collect calls from the county” and a friend going to trial, suggesting experiences with incarceration either personally or within his community. The latter part of the verse appears to talk about someone who has transitioned from a life of violence to a music career, a pathway that he recognizes as similar to his own journey to success.

The Chorus of “Boyz Don’t Cry”

The chorus expresses a desire to retain his soul despite fame and success, perhaps fearing that these could corrupt him or take away from his true self. The lines “smiling on the outside, inside dying” and “listening to a grown man crying” suggest a facade of strength while grappling with deep inner pain.

“Take away my name, take away my throne
Take away my fame, let me keep my soul
Smilin’ on the outside, inside dyin’
Listenin’ to a grown man cryin’
Oh-woah, oh-woah”

The Long and Short of “Boyz Don’t Cry”

Overall, the lyrics show us a complex picture of Rod Wave’s inner world, characterized by personal struggles, fears, and the stark realities of his life and the environment he comes from. All in all, this delivers a vivid picture of Rod’s internal struggle and the desire for genuine expression amidst fame and expectations.

The pressure of fame

Being famous isn’t always easy. And this is one of the key topics that Rod Wave sheds light on in “Boyz Don’t Cry”.

Stars are watched all the time, by everyone. Mistakes? They’re big news, seen by millions. And personal time? There’s less of it; fame brings busy days and long nights. Plus, you have to meet everyone’s expectations while staying true to yourself. It’s like walking a tightrope, where a misstep can cost a lot. So yeah, fame has its cool parts, but it comes with a heavy load of pressure too.

Boyz Don't Cry

When was “Boyz Don’t Cry” released?

This was released on the 13th of September, 2023, via Alamo Records. It is the fourth single to be released from Rod’s fifth studio album titled “Nostalgia”.


Rod Wave is the sole writer of this track. The production, on the other hand, was accomplished by the following music producers:

  • JLH (Producer)
  • BeatsByTrain
  • EgonBeUp

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