Demi Lovato’s “Anyone” Lyrics Meaning

In her own words, Demi Lovato has described the lyrics of “Anyone” as “a cry for help”. And that is definitely an apt description, as the singer reveals in the second verse that she ‘needs some more affection’. More specifically, the situation in its entirety appears as if she requires someone, “anyone” in her life who cares enough to actually entertain the inner turmoil she is experiencing. 

Indeed despite the fact that she regularly pours her heart out via her music, she feels as if no one is truly listening to what she has to say. And the implication is that none of the people she is associated with directly are overly concerned with her genuine disposition either. Moreover she has reached out to a Higher Power concerning the matter but feel in that regard also that she’s being ignored. 

So conclusively, we can say the underlying sentiment of this track is that the narrator is in desperate need of a close friend, i.e. someone she can confide in. In fact as it stands now she will accept “anyone” in her life who is truly concerned with hearing what she has to say.

Lyrics of "Anyone"

Facts about “Anyone”

“Anyone” was written by Demi Lovato. But she didn’t write it alone. She co-wrote the song with 5 other writers, including Dayyon Alexander (who produced it). The other writers are Jay Moon, Eyelar and Bibi Bourelly.

Demi recorded this track a few days before she suffered from a drug overdose on 24 July 2018. Said overdose resulted in two weeks of hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation for the songstress.

With that in mind she said she later came to realize that “Anyone” was actually “a cry for help” – to the point where she feels others should have picked up on her issues before the overdose.

This touching song was officially released on 26 January 2020. It was issued as the lead single from Demi’s seventh-studio album.

Demi performed “Anyone” for the first time at the 62nd Grammys on 26th January 2020.

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