“As I Am” by Justin Bieber (ft. Khalid)

Justin Bieber got married back in 2018. Every time he’s dropped a love song since, there will be people who logically think that the song is about his relationship with his wife. In some cases the interpretation of the lyrics of the track has to be stretched in order to accommodate such theories. 

But in this case (“As I Am”), the Biebs has actually confirmed that the lyrics contained therein have been inspired by his relationship with Hailey Baldwin Bieber. And even if he hadn’t said so, this is probably something we could have figured out ourselves since Justin takes a more sincere, introspective approach as opposed to presenting himself as some type of playa as on, say “Peaches” (2021) for instance.

Lyrics of “As I Am”

The song starts off with the Biebs taking in some me time, i.e. a period away from his significant other to afford him an opportunity to objectively reflect on their relationship. 

And he is dealing with a considerable degree of self-hatred in terms of the way he has ‘pushed her love away’. But the reason he has done so apparently has to do with a feeling of inner guilt. Or as presented in this specific scenario, he has made his “fair share of mistakes”. 

However, he doesn’t want to fess up to them just like that, because he knows that if he does, the secrets he reveals will break the heart of his babe.

Indeed he is such a jacka-s, if you will, that he doesn’t even know why this fine lady loves and cares for him. Or as indicated by the title she accepts him for who he is, dealing with both “the good and the ugly” which make up his character. 

And in response to this selfless love he is also dedicating himself to ‘doing the best he can’ in this relationship. And that all starts with him fully committing to be there in the first place, i.e. making a pleading ‘not to go anywhere’.

Khalid’s Part

Meanwhile Khalid’s verse takes on a slightly-different tone. His woman’s beef with him would apparently be centered on the fact that he spends too much time out on the road. However, he is assuring her that she is always in his heart. 

Moreover he touts some method of communication akin to spiritual rapport that they share, in which he can still comfort her without being physically present. 

But all of that being noted, like the Biebs he is letting her know that their relationship is still intact and that he apologizes for being a less-than-ideal partner.

Main Theme of “As I Am”

And along the above same lines, the bridge features the vocalists biggin’ up their partners for sticking with them even when the rest of the world would not. 

So it’s kinda like the homeys are in shock that their girls are still with them, as they verily have put their respective romances to the test. And the underlying sentiment through it all is that they are rewarding this loyalty by likewise being faithful to their lovers.

As I Am

Making of “As I Am”

All of the producers of this song – German, Josh Gudwin, Ido Zmishlany and The Monsters & Strangerz – contributed to its writing. Or in terms of the latter only one specific member of the crew, Jordan K. Johnson, is acknowledged as a co-writer of “As I Am”. And the other writers would be Aldae Long, Scott Harris and the two vocalists.

Justin Bieber’s first Collaboration with Khalid

This is the first track which Justin Bieber (Canada) and Khalid (Texas, USA) have ever dropped together, even though it may feel like they have collaborated before. 

And whereas as of its release date on 19 March 2021, Justin may be the most-popular of the two, Khalid is a successful musician in his own right. For instance, his sophomore album, “Free Spirit” (2019), topped both the Billboard 200 and UK Albums Chart.

Release of “As I Am”

“As I Am” was officially released on 19 March 2021. It is the third song on the playlist of Justin Bieber’s 16-track album “Justice”, which is a product of Def Jam Records.

Bieber and his team didn’t release it as a single from the project.

As I Am

In all, “Justice” was supported by 5 singles. And they are:

Hailey Bieber, the Primary Addressee of “As I Am”

Justin Bieber’s wife, whom he married sometime in late 2018, name is Hailey Baldwin Bieber. The “Baldwin”, which is a maiden name, is due to the fact that she is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and part of the overall Baldwin family, i.e. Stephen and his four brothers – Alec, Daniel and William – who are all Hollywood actors. 

Hailey’s own professional pursuits include modeling and serving as an internet personality, and prior to marrying the Biebs she did a lot of hosting, etc.  And even after they have married many people still refer to her by her maiden name.

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