Justin Bieber’s “Off My Face” Lyrics Meaning

It has been noted that the title of this song (“Off My Face”) appears to be some kind of reference to intoxication or getting high. And this is in fact one of those tracks, as there have been quite a few, where the singer likens his love for the addressee to being “stoned”.

But there is a bit more to the lyrics than standard drugs-to-romance metaphors. The vocalist also drops some details on how he and his honeybun interact with each other, i.e. what they’re relationship is like. For example, she’s the one “call(ing) the shots”, whose dictates he follows. 

Also it appears that they like hanging out deep into the night, silently enjoying their rapport. In fact in getting that point across, the Biebs actually resorts to religious terminology, which he has been doing a lot of at this stage in his pop music career.

Sometimes the problem with songs like these, where the singer likens being in love to being a drug addict, is that if a listener doesn’t take time they can actually believe the track is about the latter. After all, just as there have been plenty of songs which compare romance to drugs, there’s also been more than enough comparing drugs to romance. 

And in the second verse, which is very terse, the vocalist does come off as someone who is truly strung out.

Justin Bieber explains the Meaning of “Off My Face”

But thankfully the Biebs, in his own words, has clarified that this track is in fact about being in love. Or as he put it, it is based on a state in which a person is so in love that he or she is “a bit of a mess over someone”. 

And yes, that is ultimately the overall sentiment being relayed, that the singer is ‘unable to think straight’ due to being so thoroughly smitten by the addressee. Or as he relays it, he is “off his face in love with (her)”.

Lyrics of "Off My Face"

Date of Release of “Off My Face”

This song came out on 19 March 2021, a day which diehard Bieber would recognize as the release date of his album entitled “Justice”. And this project was brought to us by Def Jam Records.

Production and Writing

The producers of this song are Jake Torrey and an Australian duo known as Dreamlab (Leah Haywood and Daniel James).  And they are also individually credited as co-writing “Off My Face” alongside Tia Scola and Justin Bieber.

As of the release of this track Justin Bieber is married to a model by the name of Hailey Baldwin Bieber and has been since 2018. So logically speaking if this song were about a specific person in his life, it would be her.

Justin’s “Justice” Album

This is the fourth track on the playlist of “Justice”. This is an album which appears to have a bit more of a religious undertone to it. For instance, the first single released from it was actually a track named “Holy” (2020) featuring Chance the Rapper, one of the more positive-minded artists in the game. 

But Bieber actually comes from a notable religious background himself. In fact when he was discovered by Scooter Braun while Justin was 13, the Biebs’ moms, Pattie Mallette, was reluctant to let Scooter take him. The reason was that she was hoping his career would take more of a spiritual as opposed to secular trajectory. 

And in fact it was the elders of the church who ultimately convinced her to release her son under Braun’s tutelage.

Off My Face

Quick Justin Bieber Facts

And as of this juncture in history, Justin Bieber has been a professional musician for almost 15 years. He got started in the game at the tender age of 12, as in that being the point in his life when Bieber started busking. 

He had also established a powerful YouTube presence and was discovered, by accident, by Scooter Braun. And Braun is someone who has been with him since or at least still is as of “Justice”, as well as, a bit more indirectly, singer/music executive Usher.

This Biebs hooking up with RBMG, the label jointly owned by Scooter Braun and Usher, led to him dropping his first track, “One Time”, in 2009. That would have been around the time Justin was 14 years old. 

And shortly thereafter he came out with his first album, “My World 2.0” (2010). Since then, between 2010 and 2020, he has dropped five studio albums. Every single one of them has topped both the Billboard 200 as well as the Canadian Albums Chart. And two of them, “Believe” (2012) and “Changes” (2020), also topped the UK Albums Chart.

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