“Take It Out On Me” by Justin Bieber

“Take It Out on Me” is another track from the “Changes” album in which Justin Bieber is addressing a romantic interest. And in this case what he is telling her is that he actually wants to be focal point of her frustrations, as in being her main source of stress relief. 

Now this assertion has a two-fold meaning in the mind of the Biebs. On one hand, it means he is there to listen to her problems, console her and offer other forms of psychological and material support. But on the other, he is very much telling her that she should take out her annoyances on him via intimacy. 

So this song definitely supports the idea of intimacy being a form of stress relief. And that notion, coupled with the singer’s genuine concern for his lady, has compelled him to let her know that he is there to be victimized if she decides to alleviate tension in such a manner. But more to the general point of the song is that his overall concern for her has him offering his support to her daily stresses on a number of different levels.

Lyrics of "Take It Out on Me"

Writing Credits for “Take It Out On Me”

The songwriting team behind this song consists of Justin Bieber and the following seasoned writers:

  • Timbaland
  • Benjamin Bush
  • Daniel Daley
  • Majid Al Maskati
  • Maneesh
  • Nineteen85
  • Static Major
  • Poo Bear (also credited with producing the track)
  • Kid Culture (also handled the track’s production)

Release Date

“Take It Out on Me” was released through Def Jam Recordings on 14th February, 2020. It is one of the tracks on the 2020 album titled “Changes”. “Changes” came out as the fifth studio album of the Biebs’ career.

Def Jam issued out three singles (“Yummy” alongside “Forever” and “Intentions“) to support the album.

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