“Hailey” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber married celebrity offspring and successful fashion model Hailey Baldwin sometime during late 2018. Since then, considering that he’s actually one of the most prolific singers in the game, the Biebs has come out with a bunch of songs, many of which, as is his steez, have been romantic in nature. 

However, none of them, at least not the ones that we’ve covered, seem to directly acknowledge his significant other. Well folks, Justin has finally gotten around to firmly namedropping Hailey in song, even naming this track after her.

Now both parties involved in this marriage are known for keeping it real as far as their union goes. Marriages are seldom, if ever, perfect, with Justin and Hailey not being afraid to admit that fact to the public. And so it is with this song. 

The Verses

In the first verse, the vocalist puts forth that there are times “when the stars don’t align”, which is basically a fancy way of saying that sometimes they have messed up days. But he has resolved to weather such storms with the addressee, his romantic partner. In fact as also revealed in the passage, it is her love which prevents him from sinking into a deep depression, when such opportunities present themselves.

Meanwhile in the second verse, he is assuring her that even at times where she may perceive that their relationship is coming apart, such is not the case. The Biebs, having grown up a teenage hunk and all, is someone who’s had/has only heaven knows how many women ready to jump on him. 

So when he asserts that Hailey is ‘all he’s ever wanted’, well, we know that he is indeed experienced on the field. So it would be hard to believe that the superstar went about marrying someone whom he didn’t truly desire. And that is more or less what he is saying in this case, that he knew what he was doing when he picked Hailey.

And Justin also acknowledges, despite the way some of us outsiders may envy him, that “life is crazy”, i.e. less than ideal, at junctures. But it is that same discontent, if you will, that ultimately “led” him to Hailey. 

Primary Message of “Hailey”

So the overall message of this song revolves around the vocalist telling the addressee not to fret. He chose her and does not regret, in the least, making that decision. As such, he is very much looking forward to the two of them growing old together.

So conclusively, despite the fact that Hailey Baldwin isn’t actually namedropped in the lyrics, it is abundantly clear that this piece is dedicated to her. And it is a bit of relief that Justin has finally gotten around to dropping a love song about his wife. Well, maybe some of his female fans won’t feel the same way, but it’s still a good look nonetheless.

Lyrics to Justin Bieber's "Hailey"

Credits and Release Date of “Hailey”

The producers of this track, Andrew Watt and Louis Bell, are names that you’re likely to come across quite often on our platform. And both artists also co-wrote this song with the following:

  • Ali Tamposi
  • Jon Bellion
  • Justin Bieber

The official release date of “Hailey” is listed as 19 March 2021. This is actually the same day that Bieber’s sixth studio album, Justice, came out. However upon original release, it was only featured on a couple of select editions of the said album. 

But the song was issued more widely as part of The Complete Edition of Justice during October of 2021.


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  1. Hailey says:

    I love this song. I am a huge Belieber. I was one of the first people to wait outside his first venue. I love this song because my name is Hailey, and I feel really special, even though he will never know I exist.

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