“Asylum” by Daughtry

We’re going to go out a bit on a limb here, as we’re compelled to do working on Daughtry tracks. And for starters, given the overall nature of Dearly Beloved, we would argue that the “lunatics” in this song are not of the literal variety. 

Well, they may be dangerous folks as depicted in the lyrics yet not individuals who have ‘taken over an asylum’. And while we’re at it, let’s say that said “asylum” is not also a real one, as in an actual mental institution. Rather, it is representative of the society at large. And what the vocalist seems to be saying, most simply put, is that there’s a lot of mad people running around. Or phrased differently, the society has become so evil that now the situation is out of control.

So “the writing is on the wall” is there only being a matter of time before some type of mass spazzing takes place. In fact this outburst will be so monumental that it will result in the ‘fall of Rome’, i.e. the breakdown of society. So there is this anti-mainstream sentiment present, as found on other Dearly Beloved tracks. And overall this piece is meant to warn of what the vocalist perceives as the inevitable, i.e. said destructive uprising.

Lyrics for "Asylum" by Daughtry

More about “Asylum”

Daughtry’s “Asylum” was produced by Scott Stevens in partnership with Marti Fredericksen. Both producers also hold production credits for the entire album (“Dearly Beloved”) on which “Asylum” appears.

“Dearly Beloved” is an album released on September 17 of 2021 by the group (Daughtry). The album was marketed and supported by two official singles, namely:

“Asylum” itself was released on the 17th day of September in 2021, the same day the album, “Dearly Beloved” was also released.


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