“Somebody” by Daughtry

The full title of this song, as it reads in the chorus, is “we all need somebody”. And this is one of the tracks on the playlist of Dearly Beloved that we can confidently conclude is based on romance, even if such is never mentioned forthrightly.

And as with similarly-natured song on the album, Chris Daughtry does not present romance as a bed of roses but rather as an endeavor in which pain is part and parcel of the experience. But like Break Into My Heart, he will endure such emotional “hurt” in the name of possessing true love and staving off the even greater discomfort of harrowing loneliness. That’s what the first verse of this song is actually based on, his willingness to “ride or die” with the addressee, his significant other.

So this is actually one of the easier to understand songs on Dearly Beloved. And we can say the vocalist has come to the conclusion that romance is not all it’s cracked up to be. But that said, it beats the alternative of spending life alone, without anyone to hold you down and vice versa.

Lyrics of "Somebody" by Daughtry

“Somebody” was penned by Chris Daughtry alongside the song’s producers. The producers are:

  • Scott Stevens
  • Marti Frederiksen

This tune, which is track #10 on the tracklist of “Dearly Beloved”, wasn’t issued as a single.

The above-noted album, which is the band’s sixth studio project, has only two official singles. “World on Fire” was the first single from the album. The second was “Heavy Is the Crown“.

When was “Somebody” released?

Officially, the band released this tune on the same day they released its album. This was on September 17 of 2021.


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