“Break into My Heart” by Daughtry

It is becoming obvious early on in our analysis of Daughtry’s Dearly Beloved where understanding, i.e. reading in between the lyrics, may be more important than even interpreting them literally. For instance, in the case of “Break into My Heart”, we can postulate that the vocalist is someone who has been devoid of love for so long that his heart has built up defenses against said emotion. 

This sentimental reality is also resultant of the fact that he lives in a ‘cold world’. As such, by this point he doesn’t require a normal relationship, even if it is a loving one. Instead what he needs is someone to ‘break into his heart’, i.e. force their love upon him, if you will. For again, the implication is that if said addressee doesn’t take such a radical approach, then the vocalist likely won’t be able to accept the love as real. And this is because he has grown numb to the feeling due to being devoid of it for so long.

Who is the Addressee?

And as far as who the addressee is, that’s open to interpretation to the point where some may even define this piece as something spiritual, i.e. a prayer. But the most generally acceptable explanation, all lyrics considered, would be that Chris desires someone like a significant other to materialize, nay, intervene in his life. 

And the reason we get this impression is because it’s usually within the relational context of romance that one recognizes in advance there’s going to be trouble along the way, as the vocalist implies in the chorus. But more to the point is his willingness to accept “the pain”, if such is indeed part and parcel of once again being in love. 

So perhaps another way of understanding this piece is as the vocalist being someone who has experience on the field and has learned, even though certain aspects of loving and being loved may suck, that he’d rather have that than the daunting, uninspiring loneliness he’s currently experiencing.

Daughtry, "Break into My Heart" Lyrics

All in all, the narrator is in dire need of a powerful love. He is in search of a strong love that possesses the ability to break through the fence of ice currently surrounding his heart.

Facts about “Break into My Heart”

“Break into My Heart” has a total of 3 composers, including Chris Daughtry of course. The other two are songwriters and producers Marti Frederiksen and Scott Stevens. Both producers also hold production credits for the entire album on which “Break into My Heart” appears. And the name of the said album is “Dearly Beloved”.

The prior mentioned album is actually the 6th studio album of Daughtry’s illustrious career. It was accompanied by 2 singles. “Break into My Heart” wasn’t one of these singles. The official singles are:

“Break into My Heart” is the 13th and final track on the track listing of the album’s standard edition.

Break into My Heart

When was “Break into My Heart” released?

On the same day as the album “Dearly Beloved”. And the date in question is the 17th of September, 2021.

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